2012 Resolutions, Prepare To Be Owned.

A couple of evenings ago, hubby and I took one of our gift-card presents and treated ourselves to a lovely date night. 2012, or what there’s been of it thus far, has been pretty great and full of happy stuff. Hopefully I’m not jinxing anything when I say I have an inkling that the rest of the the year will follow suit too.

I mean, how could it not when I have such a dreamily hot husband? Hee.

And if that’s not enough, I have a list of 2012 resolutions to help the whole year live up to it’s full happiness potential:

-Go on a cruise.

-Watch the sunrise.

– Join/Try out/Volunteer for new things.

-Decorate my house.

-Do at least one of the following: Zipline, Skydive, Bungee-jump.

-Travel to at least three new states. (I did it last year without making a goal, so seems pretty attainable.)

-Visit best friend up north.

-Explore more of Texas.

-Eat healthier. (This especially means no significant undereating/cracker/baby food diets, missy!)

-Maintain current weight. (Within 5 pounds either way.)

-Take a yoga class.

-Go camping.

-Continue working out at least 5 times a week for 30+ minutes. (This isn’t hard for me as I get pretty grumpy if I don’t, ((Must. Have. Endorphins.)) but seems like a nice thing to add anyway.)

-Begin lifting light weights.

-Buy something from Etsy.

-Read at least three books a month OR 40 in a year. (outside of school.)

-Read more non-fiction.

-Try my hand at more arts and crafts. (It still counts if results suck.)

-Pick up a new hobby.

-Take more time to relax/enjoy alone time.

-Treat and be as giving to loved ones as well/much as they treat/give to me.

-Take a big chance on someone or something.

-Stay 22 forever.

-Make significant progress in novel I’m attempting to write.

-Improve both organizational and financial skills.

-Take Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) to visit my house.

-Cook 15+ new recipes, and record them in recipe diary husband bought me.

-Maintain or improve current gpa. (3.55)

-Do something that scares the crap out of me.

-Do something incredible. Or somethings incredible.

-Continue going on adventures, trying new things, meeting/getting to know new people, loving on others and living life as fully as possible.

 I’ve gotten pretty decent at this accomplishing resolutions/goals stuff.  That’s a good feeling. So 2012 resolutions? I plan on owning you. Be ready.

17 thoughts on “2012 Resolutions, Prepare To Be Owned.

  1. You’re blog will be jammed packed with wonderful stories as you begin checking off your resolutions list! Can’t wait to read about them. Good luck with 2012. Hope it brings you happiness and good health to do all these things.

  2. I like your resolutions. I particularly like that a lot of them seem really fun, and some of them seem like they’re probably a bit outside of your comfort zone, and would make you feel like AWESOMENESS when you’re done.
    I wanna skydive again! I also wanna zipline and bungee jump. If you decide to skydive, I suggest that you do it in the fall somewhere where there’s lots of colour. Sooo pretty!
    Reading more – WIN! Books are awesome! Consider getting a Nook? The new one I got was $99, and it’ll probably pay for itself in a couple of months (since ebooks are cheaper). Well… Unless you go to the library. I’m creeped out by borrowing books other people have used. Hahahaha. I’m crazy.
    Cruise – Make it a Caribbean one! With a stop in The Bahamas! 🙂
    For your recipes, remind me to send you one for super easy and YUMMY nacho dip.
    Good luck and enjoy the rest of 2012, internet low-vah!

    • thanks 😀
      and yes, i like to mix it up with fun/productive/scary stuff hehe.
      i think i’m the opposite of you! i love going to goodwill and buying used books….i also love the feel/smell of them too so idk if i could do a nook? though i’d love to have one to see. 😛
      bahamas! i could meet my internet lover?! hehe.

    • HI patty, good for you on sticking to resilatic resolutions. too many of us do it as a joke or make ones we wont keep anyways I have a few,hope i keep them. to clean out and organize my basement. to potty train my 2 year old and do it well and creativly. to eat more fruits and veggies and less junk. to exercise and walk/bike/swim(something) at least 4 times a week.those are a few. Happy New Years to you and your family.

  3. Meg says:

    I think “go skiing” should be a resolution one year. I’ve never been but I think you would have fun trying haha, just a thought! =] When are you gonna put up a pic of your new hair? I wanna see a better quality picture =] I loveee new year’s resolutions but I usually stick to 1-3. Mine this year is to organize a charity event. usually I try to throw something internal in there like “be more confident” or something like that. I think this year my ‘internal resolution’ will be to have more patience. 🙂

    • I need more patience! As you know. We can internally fight for that together. 😛
      And yes, I would love to ski! 2013 seems like a nice year to ski. Yay. I already have at least one resolution planned for that year. 😉

  4. Wow – you’re going to be one busy lady fitting all that in – but I think that if anyone has enough energy to do it all it’s you! 🙂 Happy New Year – hope 2012 is a terrific one!

      • Thanks for the link Damian. The code in this article aladrey includes the ability to do date ranges. I took a look at your snippet and it does automatically compensate for the issue of what to do when in the first year you want it to say 2012 but for following years you want it to automatically switch to 2012-2013 so that will be a nice improvement for people just starting their websites. However, it is also many more lines of code than what was discussed above so unless you are just starting your website, it is more code than you need. I always like to keep things simple if possible. It’s just less opportunity to screw something up.

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