The past few weeks have been near perfect. I just feel so alive and young and loved and ready for anything and everything. I’ve been kind of permanently excited lately, and sometimes for no particular reason. I guess it’s just because I’m living. Because I can use all my senses. Because I have the ability to walk and talk and breathe and love. It’s a beautiful thing, no?

Some happy pieces lately:

  • All red and pink in my package of Dots! If that isn’t a reason for excitement, I don’t know what is.
  • School started up again this week. I really love my classes this semester. Probably me favorite is ‘Theatrical Performance.’ It’s just started and already I’m falling in love. Though yesterday was a little strange. We were practicing relaxing and focusing, a couple of qualities which obviously help on stage. To practice these things, we partnered up and practiced moving each other’s limbs around. Head, legs, arms, the works. I thought I was relaxed, but my partner kept shaking my body parts and telling me to, “Let go.” I apparently do not know how to let go. Control freak problems. The instructor noticed this and used me as one of the guinea pigs next time around. Next thing I know, five people are moving around different parts of my body, whilst I lay on the ground giggling nervously. I kept my limb-movers laughing and amused by saying things such as, “Watch out for the stubble.” and “I think this is the most awkward moment of my life.”, but I never did learn how to be totally limp and trusting. Maybe next time I find my body being simultaneously maneuvered around in odd places by five almost (albeit kind) strangers, I’ll be better. Practice makes perfect!
  • My friend Becca has just started training at the Cheesecake Factory. Yesterday, being the wonderful and thoughtful person that she is, she brought me a box full of yumminess to class.
As I opened my take-out box of goodness, she took the time to write me out a menu. It read:
“The grilled chicken is ‘skinnylicious BBQ chicken’
And the crusted one is Idk
And the pasta is tomato basil pasta with cheese.”
The crusted one, whatever the hell that was, was my favorite.
  • During my week, I have about a 35 minute break between work and school. Instead of lounging or eating, I’ve started to take this time to work out at my school gym. I’ve been running on the treadmill and have started lifting light weights (A New Years resolution!) I’m also doing ab work-outs three times a week and am starting to see traces of a 4-pack.  I’ve cut out all fast food (even my beloved Chipolte) and soda from my diet. I feel awesome and constantly energized and I’m currently in the best shape of my life. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long!
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are my long days. I leave for work at 8:45 and don’t get back home from school until around 7:30. Last night I came home,exhausted, to the aroma of a home-cooked dinner. Hubby had made me chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. Later, he made chocolate chip cookies. I put the picture of him slaving away in the kitchen up on my facebook. A couple of my favorite comments:

Girl Friend: “What a sweet ol’ house husband.”

Dude Friend:  “Look at that piece of meat! Also the steaks look pretty good…”

  • My best girl friend has been begging me to get a Twitter for some time now. I usually just blatantly ignore her requests. I am extremely slow and hesitant when it comes to being comfortable with different social networking devices. It took me a good year, maybe even two, to transfer over to Facebook after everyone else had.  The same best friend finally convinced me, and even helped me register and uploaded most of my pictures to Facebook. I still didn’t use it until almost everybody had left Myspace. Even knowing how stubborn and reluctant I am, Meggie is quite persistent. She asks me or tells me about once a week to get a Twitter. Last night, she resorted to bribery. I said something on a blog comment that she found quotable (“I’m sure if men ever ‘fixed’ women, they’d be quite bored anyway.”) and then she informed me, “I’m quoting you, Tina. But I’m doing it on Twitter so….you should get one.” Sigh. I’m still not convinced. But she is slowly but surely wearing me down.
  • I mentioned last week that I was a promotional model for an event in San Antonio. I also mentioned how completely amazing the people I met were. I miss them so much already. Morgan, one of the girls that I miss dearly, left a comment on the rest of our little group’s facebooks that wrapped up our time together pretty perfectly :, “Sooo yeah I already miss yall so much. I miss our long hours of goofing off, eating lollipops, changing our hair every hour, singing, taking as many breaks as we can to walk around, and long talks about boys. Let’s PLEASE reunite soooon. Y’all are so great :)”   I never went to summer camp as a child, but from watching movies and stuff, I feel like these are the kind of bonds that I missed out on back then.
  • While I was working this event in San Antonio, I came upon an older man with the last name, “Wagemaker.” How neat is that?! I informed him that I loved his last name and he informed me that if I was a bit older I could have married him and had that last name too. Christina Wagemaker. I like. But Christina Boudreaux is pretty nice too, I suppose.
  • I made a video blog! It’s been too long. Unfortunately, my computer is having all kinds of technical difficulties. The colors are very off and at the end my voice distorts to sound like one of those creepy phone callers from horror movies. I’m trying to work through kinks because a couple of girl friends and I are about to start a project with said web cam. Thought I’d might as well show y’all what I came up with:
  • One more class until my weekend begins! I have lots of lovely plans with buddies this weekend, including exploring and hot-tubs. All the more reason to be excited and happy.

28 thoughts on “Happy,Happy,Happy.

  1. You would be so good a twitter! You know how to describe everything perfectly, you and twitter would be wonderful. haha I just got one and I don’t know what I’m doing, but I would love to follow you. I’m so glad you’re having such a great year so far! Love you!!

  2. Well I’m happy that you’re so happy! You sound so energetic and positive 🙂
    Your Theatrical Performance sounds great – I bet I wouldn’t be able to completely relax either!
    You look great by the way, I want you stomach! 😛

      • ஆக, ட ண ட ர கவன தம ழ மணத த வ ட ட வ லக வத என பத இப ப த க க out of qusoiten.////ச ர பஸ ட ட அந த qusoiten எழ ப ப ன ந த ர ய ர ன ன ச ல ல ங க ச ர ? அவன பஸ ட ட ப ட ட தள ள ர வ ம , த வ ய ல ல ம இப ப உங கள ஒர பத வ எழ த வச ச ட ட ன . (எங கள க க எவ வளவ மனகஷ டம ). ட ய வ ள ய ர ந ய த த ன இர ப பன ன ந ன க க ற ன ???? இர உனக க அட ய ல ந ர ப ப ம ட ட ற ன ..

  3. Meg says:

    lol!! i’m glad I’m slowly convincing you 😉

    I did not watch the video yet but I will later I’m about to leave!

    Wagemaker is an AWESOME last name!

    “watch out for the stubble!” all i thought was “you’re still exposing your legs!?” how warm is it there??

    love you! 🙂

  4. Christina, I can’t believe I have to tell you this… You will be even MORE happy, happy, happy with a twitter account. It’s so nice to be able to post random sentences. WHENEVER you want! Without annoying your FB people, or wasting an entire blog post. FREEDOM to be RANDOM. And funny, and quirky, and… Stuff. Do it! 🙂

    All red and pink in a pack of ANYthing is pretty amazing. You are a WINNER!

    A hubby-made dinner? AWESOMESAUCE! Babe has been making pretty much all of our meals lately because I’ve been sooo tired, and getting home so late. The other day, it came up and she said, “Yeah, I was waiting for us to have a big fight to bring it up.” Ahahahha. I guess I should make dinner some time soon. Hahahahaha.

  5. your video was so funny! and I love being happy 🙂 it’s the best feeling ever!!!!! and your husband is awesome, as we already knew from your previous post 😉 haha

    theatrical performance sounds like an awesome class

  6. Ok. I just watched the video. Ahahahahahaha. The bed part. AAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Like you nearly had a heart attack when you realized where you were sitting.
    And a party room bed? Really? You guys REALLY cater to your guests. REAL friends. 10 points for you and your house.

  7. So great that you’re feeling so good, and in such great shape! I must say I’m jealous, I’m feeling a lot weaker and less fit than before Christmas. I think I’ll try and absorb some of your positivity!

  8. You should definitely think about getting a Twitter, I love it. It’s better than Facebook! I get most of my up-to-the-minute info from it, and there are a lot of funny people on there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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