The beauty of being a grown-up

Life has been getting hectic again lately. A happy hectic, but still hectic. School is back in full swing, my hours at work have gone up since last semester, and lots of fun plans,projects and adventures are already in the works for this year. Husband and I are planning a vacation for somewhere between our two birthdays (February and March), my friend Becca and I are planning a trip for May (We just made it final by virtually pinky promising) and I’m introducing husband to a slew of northern states while simultaneously visiting my best friend sometime in July. That’s three vacations in 6 months time! My friends love to tease me and inform me that I’m always going on a new vacation, but I can’t help it. I get major ants in my pants after three or more months of no traveling. I’m going on a little over three months now, and the antsy-ness has officially arrived. So I’m excited, super excited, but also a bit overwhelmed trying to get finances together while also readjusting myself to a busy day-to-day schedule. Luckily, I have a lot of lovelies in my life who melt away any little bit of stress I may have.

There is not much I adore more in this world than time with my girls. They are a constant source of inspiration, laughter, love, relaxation and joy. This past weekend was no exception. I was able to see a few of my favorite ladies for four days straight. Hot-tubbing and a sleepover at Jenn’s place. Sharing a bed with and cuddling up to my best friend Tessa, who also was sweet enough to buy me brunch the next day. (Cuddling and free food the next morning? Wouldn’t she make a perfect boyfriend?) Listening to live music, strolling through quaint book-stores and making fun of ugly ducks at the park with Melody and, again, my best friend Tessa. Drinks and giggles with Brooke and Emily for happy hour. A pizza buffet and retail therapy with my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters), who is growing up too fast and doing so quite gracefully. What I’m getting at is….Oh thank goodness for the ladies in my life. Sometimes I just break into smile thinking about them, our memories and how lucky I am to have stumbled across some of the most amazing chicks on the planet. How cool is it that I get to journey through life and explore the world with the greatest girls in the world?

Pictures help the words come to life: 

Tessa and I were talking on Sunday, and I mentioned that I’ve always liked being an adult better than I liked being a kid. I had a really sheltered childhood, and I’ve always loved and have been completely exhilarated by the freedom of adulthood. Later that same day, my best friend wrapped my thoughts up perfectly by saying something like, “We can do whatever we want. We can do anything.” That,in a nutshell, is exactly what I find absolutely spectacular about being a grown-up.The excitement of making new experiences, meeting new people and doing these things whenever I want to. The beauty and wonder and spontaneity of endless possibilities. The fact that I get to explore these endless possibilities with amazing people by my side just makes life that much more beautiful.

25 thoughts on “The beauty of being a grown-up

  1. Tessa says:

    If you zoom into that first picture of all 3 of us I look cross eyed.
    I’ve always been told it’s rare to find a good group of girl friends. I’m so grateful to have you as a best friend, Tina. ❤

  2. i always wind up feeling like a right old pervy letch visiting here – still i guess you have to have a hobby. Any situation or place that you see in life is always MADE by the people that you share it with – ALLWAYS. You are blessed to have some very good friends, I suspect that this has not happened by accident. Keep being you – I think it might be working.

    • Hi Judy, So good to hear you had a great day (10/1) and I am sure there will be many many more of them in the future. It was funny to hear how the hsroes behaved when they saw you, they know who the boss is. It is also wonderful to see that you have a great network of people down there working to get you through this setback.

  3. Meg says:

    Cute pictures!! =]

    I always liked being grown up better than being a kid too. And I had a great childhood! I just like being in control haha

  4. I liked being a kid much better, lol.. But it sounds like you have a lot of great things going on in your life and that’s cool you had a lot of good friends, especially female friends, living close by. That’s one thing I definitely miss from my closest female friends all being so spread apart throughout the state and even country – it’s so annoying!

    But anywho, kudos to you for making the most of your adulthood and cherishing your friends 🙂

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