Vacations,Dandelions,Little Jeans and Liking Life.

“Up in the mountains, Down by the ocean,

Where, it don’t matter

As long as we’re going somewhere together;

I’ve got a quarter,

Heads Carolina, Tails California”

It’s official! Husband and I are going on vacation at the very beginning of March! As we’re on an extremely tight budget, I’ve been scoping out the best deals online for about a week now. By this I mean I’ve been obsessively searching for (practically page refreshing, but not quite) airline tickets on the internet. I didn’t really care where we went, as long as we found ticket prices under 200 dollars a pop. I actually loved the spontaneity and excitement of knowing we were going somewhere together soon, but not yet knowing where. Last night I finally made a decision when I found a deal I just couldn’t pass up. So Guess what, Guess what, Guess what? March 1st, I fulfill an eight year long dream of visiting California. I can’t put into words how giddy I am. But I shall try. Right now. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! <<< There you go. That’s a tiny part of my giddiness put onto a computer. I feel like a kid on Christmas right now (Or really, just me on Christmas.) San Diego, here we come!

Other giddy moments lately:

  •  Finding and blowing/wishing on dandelions with the littles ones I nanny. Being around kids so much really helps keep in tact the magic of life.
  • Date night with my boy.
  • A fellow classmate/new friend did the sweetest thing for me yesterday. She knew I hadn’t bought my book yet and that we have an upcoming test. I planned on just studying notes and googling terms. Last night after class, she walked up to me and handed me her book. I was confused. “Won’t you need this to study?” She responded with a shrug, said she already studied and I could give it back to her on Tuesday. I gave her a hug and left the classroom feeling heart-warmed and relieved. No googling terms for me this weekend!
  • My friend Becca and I share a class together, and have taken to writing one another notes this week. Above you can see the page we filled up with random doodles and words. I love sharing a class with this chick. Not only does she make the time fly faster, but she has taken to bringing me random treats to class. Candy, Girl-Scout cookies and once even a whole meal. I have sweet friends.
  • The above picture is me trying on a pair of size 5’s. That were too big for me. I did a happy dance in the dressing room. I haven’t been in the size 3 arena since I was a teenager. I’m doing another little happy dance right now, just thinking about it.
  • I really like life right now. Life seems to really like me right now too. Hopefully that doesn’t change anytime soon.
  • What have you been liking about life lately?

23 thoughts on “Vacations,Dandelions,Little Jeans and Liking Life.

  1. Woot woot! Look at your rocking the size 3. You must be on cloud 9… If it was me, I definitely would be. I don’t think I’ve been close to a size 3 since middle school. Hopefully I’ll get there soon like you. 🙂

    SD!!!!!! I really like that city. Lots of good places to eat.

  2. Sounds GREAT! I was quite a bit older before I got to Cali but BOY did I do it right: staying with besties and they dragged my happy arse all over northern CA (which is the only CA I’ve been to and everybody who knows me told me that I’d hate Southern CA anyway, so good on me–stay northerly!)…your experience and taste may vary!

    I was really happy when I ordered some 6s (I’m happiest in a 4, I’m a pear shape) and they’re loose. Mwahahaha. It’s a good feeling. I eat ALL THE TIME, too. It’s eating little processed–I eat between 1600-2000 calories a day. So, at age 40, I’m rockin it.

  3. I LOVE CALI!!!!!!!! I think you can do that trip cheap no problem….there’s lots of cool places to walk and see. Overall it’s just a nice place. I love blowing on dandy lions… much fun! size 5’s!!! too big!!!! YAY 😀 ps: that is quite the hot bod you’ve got there 😉 cali will love it!

  4. MEETUP… MEETUP… MEETUP!! SD is a pretty easy commute for me – maybe we can meet for drinkies or SD Zoo or something. But no worries if you don’t want company.

    • ps: Use to find discount tix to stuff to do down there… you can put in specific date ranges to check. Free to join. Ticket processing fees are usually only $3-$5. HIGHLY recommend. There’s not a lot posted right now (a few bad plays, a pubcrawl, & a whale watching cruise) but keep checking. They usually have deals on the GPS-guided car tours (

      fyi: Hotels in SD tend to be OBSCENELY expensive… if you find a REALLY low price on something, there’s probably a good reason for it.

      SUPER excited for you – San Diego is a beautiful and fun city!!

  5. Whoohoo! Congrats on your vacation! Where in CA will you be going? San Francisco is where it’s at (from a completely unbiased perspective, obviously 😉 )

    And a huge congrats on your shrinking sizes, too. There’s no better feeling of accomplishment than when you need to ask the sales girl for a smaller size 🙂

  6. I think different sizes are right for different people. You’re a cute 3/4! 🙂 Me? I think I need to stick with the 6’s. I start to look a little sick when I’m anything below.

    And YAAAAYYY! happy stuffs! WOO!

    I’m a little jelly about your upcoming Cali trip! Do it uuup and take lots of pictures.

    And DAMN, you’re good at finding deals!

  7. Oh how exciting about your holiday!!! I’m so pleased for you, you deserve to have the treat 🙂 I love how spontaneous it was too, that sounds like so much fun!
    Blowing on dandelions with the little ones is adorable 🙂 I love working with children!
    And you look great girl, just look at that teeny waist! ❤

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