Word Vomit and Video Projects.

As happy as I am lately, I’ve also sort of been a little stressed. School is sucking away a good amount of my time, Husband and I are planning an upcoming vacation, money is more or less nonexistent right now, and my theatre class, as much as I love it, is really pushing me a bit outside of my comfort zone. (And I have a pretty wide comfort zone!) I had nearly forgotten both the thrill and the terror of performing in front of a group of people. It’s especially intense going into class never knowing what or how exactly I’ll be performing. (Example: The other day I volunteered and was told I was to act as if I was at a laundromat. I had to fold laundry while simultaneously flirting and attempting to get the attention of a dude classmate. And I couldn’t talk. I’ve been married for over 2 years now. It’s been a while since I’ve purposely batted my eyelashes, and my attempting probably looked more like twitching. Hopefully sexy twitching?) The experience is in general exhilarating and I can feel that I’m growing from it.  But mixed with the hustle and bustle of life already, I approached this weekend feeling pretty drained and ready for a break. For me, the perfect idea of relaxing is spending lots of quality time with my pals and my hubby. Lucky for me, I received plenty of this. Two girls nights, a couple’s date night (At Applebees ((Told you I’m broke)), which is now called ‘Club Apple’ and has strobe lights after 9pm. I can’t stress to you enough how much this tickles me.) AND I got to help one of my closest friends unpack a little. We’re both pretty excited that she just moved three miles away from me and within walking distance from the house I nanny at.  Side note: How weird would it be if my boss unknowingly saw me cruising through her neighborhood on one of my off days? I texted her beforehand so she’d know I wasn’t stalking her family for fun on the weekends. Well y’all, this has been Christina’s word vomit of the day. See below for a few pictures of a fabulous weekend AND a video project a couple of girly friends and I are quite proud of. Ahem:So. Tessa, Melody and I decided to humor ourselves (and hopefully a few others) and make one of those “Shit Girls Say” parody videos. We spent hours last night making it, and I stayed up later than I should have to edit the clips. We had a blast making and writing it and I don’t think the final product is all too shabby either. So. Without further ado, I present to you, “Shit Girls Say (To Make Themselves Feel Better)” :

28 thoughts on “Word Vomit and Video Projects.

  1. Tracy's Treats says:

    Applebees has strobe lights now?!? Too funny! We better watch out…Club Apple may start to become the coolest place in town!

  2. Club Apple? Hahaha!

    I really wanted to ask about the eyelash batting thing though: do people actually do that? They don’t right? It’s just a saying? Right? I’m so clueless when it comes to flirting!

  3. CLUB APPLE?!?! ahahahahahha. Niiice!
    Date nights are awesome, even if they’re cheap. 🙂

    I’m at work, and people are around, so I can’t watch the vid. GAAAAAH! I wanna waaatch. 😦

  4. Meg says:

    I already commented on the video on your facebook =P I use the “If i liked girls I would…” ones and the “I wouldn’t wear it, but it looks great on you!” bit all the time ahaha. But I mean it! The second one at least. I guess sometimes the “If i liked girls” thing is a little exaggerated I’m not sure what my type would be but I’m sure only some of my girlfriends would qualify even though they are all beautiful in their own unique ways haha.

    Don’t put too much on your plate! ❤

  5. Haha, this is a brilliant post! I am rubbish at fluttering my eyelashes as well, I think it makes me look like I have some kind of blinking disorder.

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