“It’s a heart.” and other happy things.

I may be kind of delirious right now. Yesterday I left for work at 8:30 am and didn’t get home from school and then rehearsals until almost 10 (pm.) Yawn.

Things keeping me happy to be awake:

  • I came home after a long day on Tuesday to find wine,my favorite candy bar and mini Kit-Kats in the shape of a heart. Just to clear up any confusion, husband even wrote a note pointing to the Kit-Kats that read, “It’s a heart.”

As excited as I am for Valentine’s Day and the treats that come with it, these little impromptu surprises not attached to any holiday are even more special to me.

  • Speaking of my dude. We were celebrating his birthday at a friend’s house last week when Lauren, a girl I know from high-school, and I started chatting. She made me smile and blush a bunch when she said that Robby and I give her hope for this matrimony stuff and that we were what marriage should be like. Friends who really love each other. She then admitted to ‘stalking’  and loving every single one of my blogs. I was pleasantly surprised. I love being stalked by cool people!  This conversation also enunciated two opinions I already have:

1. My marriage really is the bee’s knees.

2. Girls? We’re all stalkers. Establishing this mutual understanding really makes for lovely conversations.

-Hubby and I are going to San Diego in three weeks! Confession: I found such a great deal on tickets but was so broke at the time that I only bought one ticket to San Diego. I just got finished buying the second one, and I managed to get Robby and I on the same flights and everything. There was a small chance that I was booking it solo to California. Glad to for sure be bringing my dude along now.

  • What I do at work:

For those of you who may be just tuning in, I’m not a killer motorcyclist. I’m a nanny.

  • Friend Deesh flattering me:
  • Friend Katie flattering me whilst making a funny:
  • 3,000 dollars in tax returns. Being a broke college student does have its upsides.
  • Receiving my script and also finding out that I get to work with a professional actor. Our short play (“The Philadelphia”) is meant to consist of two males and one female. However, so many more girls tried out that our professor was going to make do with an all female cast. I think she knew a lot of the humor would be lost without the two males, so she worked it out and found the professional for one male role. I’ll be the only girl in this particular skit, working with two amazing dude actors. I don’t know whether to be more nervous or excited. Let’s go with excited. Yes. Excited is a good summary to explain how life has me feeling lately. And sleepy. And nervous. And busy. But mostly excited.

19 thoughts on ““It’s a heart.” and other happy things.

  1. Aww your husband is so cute, I love little gestures like that too 🙂 Going to San Diego sounds like loads of fun, you really deserve it and I’m glad you managed to get the same flight!! Your friends are sweet 🙂 So excited for your play, the script looks so professional!

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