Hello, I had a nice weekend. In other news, I giggle in the snow and still look 14.

This weekend I….:

  • Had a mini dance party
  • Hung out with a few favorite peeps.
  • Laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.

(Lookit! All white shirts! I’m easily entertained, obviously.)

  • Was hankering for an adventure. Went indoor rock-climbing with the dudes pictured above. (Pat and Deesh.) Sucked at it but had a blast.

(Look! No clippy! No, I’m not that dumb. This particular wall was a free-fall wall with squishy things to fall down on. Falling was as fun as climbing. Confession: Deesh laid down to take this picture as to make me look more bad-ass than I really am. I was actually only a couple of steps up at this point.)

  • Had the pleasure of acting as a beginning wing-man for Deesh and Pat. They’re single and I talk to everyone (including single females), so it all came pretty naturally.
  • Mini-golfed.
  • Went on a long run in the cold. I love running in the cold. I noticed a pitter-patter sound as I was running, but didn’t see any rain. I also love running in the rain, so I waited for it. About 1/3 of the way into said run, I realized what the pitter-patter sound was when it started coming down harder. Sleet. I was getting sleeted on! It kind of hurt but was kind of fun too. Eventually sleet turned into little bitty Texas-style snow particles. It was absolutely breath-taking, and I couldn’t help but smile and maybe even laugh with giddiness as I ran. So if you were in the greater Austin area yesterday and noticed a strange girl running and giggling as ice was pelting her and snow was falling, that was I. Do not be alarmed.

Ps: Review all of the above pictures. How old do I look? 14? Maybe 16? I’m about to turn 23! I should at least look legal by now. Oh well. I figure I will be thankful for this one day.

26 thoughts on “Hello, I had a nice weekend. In other news, I giggle in the snow and still look 14.

  1. Yes, one day you will be thankful for how young you look 🙂 I think you look like you’re at least 20! I like your rock wall confession hahah I totally thought you were way hard core :p

    • Hey, Kathy good points, guess your brohter wasn’t listening when your Dad gave out the advice of letting the tank get below 1/4. He ALWAYS will let it go until the light comes on and isn’t afraid to drive for miles on that light. Not me, I fill it up too when it hits 1/4 mark.

  2. Me again… hiiii (vodka + 10,000 replays of Video Games): Are you staying anywhere near The Gaslamp district? (everything is within taxi or transit of the gaslamp) you should see if anyone good is playing at House of Blues. For some reason, I keep picturing you going there.

  3. getting old is dull – keep on loving life and being young while you can. Of course, having people frowning at your ID every time you try and buy beer can be a bit of a pain though!!

  4. Be glad for every year anyone thinks your younger 😉 It only comes in handy later. Believe me I so wasn’t offended when a barmaid refused to serve me alcohol when I was 30 😀 (I had even proof that I was old enough – but they wouldn’t except Norwegian ID)
    And you truly must be a happy camper if sleet makes you giggle. Shudder!

  5. “I was getting sleeted on!” Ahahaha. I love it.
    And you DO look young. But you are. So it’s okay. Getting carded is kinda cool too. Babe (31) is totally tickled when she gets carded. It hardly ever happens though, b/c in The Bahamas, no one cares how old you have? You have money? You can have what you want, toddler!

  6. I like that you look young….that’s a GREAT thing 😉 and you don’t look 14. so don’t worry. and I miss having fun college times….love it. nice dance moves xo

  7. What a fun day!! Running in the rain is the best..it’s like eating chocolate out of an apple. You don’t look 14 silly.! You can pass for being in your 20’s easily. I get told I look young too and I am 23 as of today. I’ll appreciate it someday!

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