“Super Saiyan, Jedi Sh*t.”

I’ve had a really special, heart-warming, magical Valentine’s Day. I hope you did too!

My V-Day review:

Elijah, the four-year old dude I nanny, gave me a Star War’s Valentine. His handwriting is the sweetest.

Becca brought rose-shaped mini brownies to class for her and I to share. Delicious and pretty. I always love her treats.

I came home to Starbuck’s coffee and beautiful flowers from the hubby.

And then there were the date nights. I got three. (So far.)

Date night #1:

Husband and I went to see ‘The Vow.’  I’m not a huge movie person, and I’m especially not a huge mushy-gushy, romance movie person. But the moment I saw the commercial I told Robby we were going to see it for Valentine’s Day. I just knew I’d love it. And I did. Cheesy? Yes. But incredible cheese. I cried. Husband handed me a tissue. When his pizza came, he whispered to me, “I’ll share my pizza with you.”  Romance at it’s finest, y’all. And as we were driving home, the dude put the biggest smile on my face. If you’ve seen the commercials, you know Rachel McAdam’s character loses her memory due to a car crash. Channing Tatum’s character is the hubby trying to help her regain said lost memory. Driving back to the house, Robby informed me, “If that happened to you, you wouldn’t forget me.”  I think I laughed and asked why,or maybe he just rambled on by himself. “You couldn’t ever forget me. Our love is like…Super Saiyan, Jedi Shit.”  This is Robby combining Star Wars and Anime expressions to express his feelings about our relationship. My heart melted.

Date night #2:

Olive Garden. This is a sentimental restaurant for us because our first ever date was at an Olive Garden. (Before we went to shoot guns. Husband deserves a prize for best first date. Minus the first date awkwardness and jitters, it was perfect.) And chain restaurant as it may be, it’s among my favorite places to dine. It could be the nostalgia for our first date, but I think it maybe has more to do with the endless bread-sticks and chicken dumpling soup. Call me a romantic.

Date night #3:

Robby and I had an outdoorsy date planned for tonight, but I got back from my play rehearsal late and am pretty exhausted. We postponed planned third date for this weekend (Excited!) and headed to our local Sonic and bought Limeades instead. Once we got home, vodka was added to said Limeades. I currently feel like a rebellious teenager.

And now I get four dates in one week with my Super Saiyan, Jedi lover.

I’m a lucky, spoiled and right now slightly tipsy girl.

18 thoughts on ““Super Saiyan, Jedi Sh*t.”

  1. You lucky thing with the three dates! I’d love some Starbucks coffee please, and maybe some of their flavoured syrups 🙂 It sounds like you’ve been having a lovely time! I didn’t get to be with Tom on Valentine’s because we’re about 200 miles apart 😦 but tomorrow evening (!!!) I’m hopping on the train to go spend the weekend with him so I’m very excited 🙂

  2. Rose shaped brownies – awesome.
    Olive Garden?! LOVE. We don’t have any in The Bahamas, so when we go to the US, I insist on going there. My dad is not a fan, but takes me. (He haaates chain restaurants. LOL) Endless breadsticks and that awesome salad win me over every time.

  3. love the kiss shot from your husband and you-so nice…..and also love your climbing shot-hard work af this wall´s….I konw it…wish you a wonderfus Friday….now here is Friday….I have weekénd and I´m happy about it….I think the winter go now away here…hate the winter-lol.Hugs Kerstin

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