Here’s to the good stuff.

Favorite moments this week:

(Collage by my lovely friend Becca)

  • Becca buying me food/happy hour and Tessa, later that night, buying me drinks downtown. I have super sweet friends who thankfully don’t let me use, “I’m broke” as an excuse to not hang out with them.
  • Speaking of Becca. In our shared religious course, she mistook the word “incense” for “incest” during lecture. Thus, instead of hearing  “All kinds of incense” in the church, she heard “All kinds of incest” in the church. Add the fact that my professor seemed really excited about this fact and Becca’s initial look of confusion and disgust, we ended up giggling uncontrollably for approximately five minutes in the back of the classroom.
  • New neighbors close to hubby and my age. They were outside today when I started my run and invited us over for “Beer and video games” sometime. Hubby may have found his neighborhood soul mates.
  • Receiving a really sweet secondhand compliment. Best friend Tessa informed me that our mutual buddy Brooks told her that there was just something about me that others are drawn to. Made me smile. It’s always good to know that people are talking good about you behind your back.
  • Going out with my best girly friend, a dude friend I haven’t seen in years and a new dude friend last night.
  • Funny/awkward moment of the night:I mentioned to new friend Scott that I was taller than him. He didn’t like this comment and set out to prove me wrong. We came across a group of women who I believe were celebrating a bachelorette party. Scott promptly asked who was taller. The consensus was that he was taller but that I was way hotter. Before walking off, one lady (or maybe it was two?) told new friend Scott, “She’s fine. You better treat her right.”  Err. They thought new friend Scott was my lover Scott. After said amusingly awkward conversation, new friend Scott went around to other groups asking not who was taller, but who was hotter. I definitely won. Hee.
  • Dancing on stage at a dueling piano bar. Though I have no dancing abilities whatsoever and I was still much too sober to be dancing on a stage, I had a blast.
  • Best dude friend Bryant messaging me pictures of our mutual girl crush, Selena Gomez. (No, We’re not quite pedophiles. She’s 19! And he started it.)
  • Upcoming fun weekend plans with my amazing hubby and wonderful friends.
  • I’m going to San Diego in two weeks!
  • So. Here’s to free happy hours, girl crushes, dancing on stages, upcoming vacations, being the hotter partner of a fake couple, new friends, old friends, the bestest of girl friends and all of the other good stuff, lovely moments and exciting adventures in between. Cheers,y’all!

29 thoughts on “Here’s to the good stuff.

  1. Bahaha you are so cute!! I would have been right there with you dancing on the stage. Sometimes I have been invited to do so, other times I have just done it…uninvited.

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  2. Woo I love this post!! You sound like so much fun girl, you better come over to the UK sometime so that we can party together! 😉 You have some brilliant friends too! I love how positive you are, it really sounds like you are loving life at the moment 😀

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