Beeritas and Bacon. Need I say more?

I never plan on making so many posts about my weekends. It kind of just ends up this way. Lately, I’ve felt inspired by so many different things and have a whole slew of post ideas accumulating in my brain. But these ideas kind of stay on the back burner due to my busy schedule and wonderful weekends. It’s extremely necessary that you know about my wonderful weekends! Right?! Right. I also think that reviewing the good times on a Monday helps to keep me satisfied and energized until the next Friday. So, here’s the current weekend highlights and joys:


I have one class on Fridays– Mass Media History and Theory. Before leaving said class on Friday, my professor asked me if I would consider taking a managerial position within the radio department of our university next year. I was honored he asked, and it would look great on a resume and count for free credits. Yes, sir, I’ll definitely consider.


Margaritas and lots of laughs with some favorites.

The above picture screams, “Hi, I’m 12 years old and excitedly enjoying my first beerita!” This isn’t too far off. I’m 22 and excitedly enjoying my first beerita!

My sexy date for the night.

My main squeeze.


Sushi Date with Jenn and Emily= Two dates in two days with two of my favorite girls.

And later that evening……(Drumroll, please….)

I had the amazing experience of attending my first ever Bacon Party.Yes! A party full of bacon! A black tie event in honor of BACON! So I got to dress up all fancy (I choose red, in honor of bacon.) and fill my tummy with with bacon-y (That should be a word. Why is it not?! Does the dictionary not realize the importance of bacon?!) goodness. We’re talking bacon deviled eggs,candied bacon,bacon-loaded potato salad, bacon cupcakes, bacon brownies, bacon and bleu cheese cheesecake, honey-nutella-peanut-butter-banana-bacon sandwiches (‘Elvis sandwiches,’ for short.) and every other bacon indulgence your heart or tummy could ask for. Instead of chips and dip, there was bacon strips and dip. For a few short hours,I lived in a perfect world. A world full of friends, laughter and bacon.

26 thoughts on “Beeritas and Bacon. Need I say more?

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  1. Meg says:

    Love your red dressss! I can’t pull off clothes that sexy. Some nights i’m like, “I want to look SEXY tonight” then i put something on that shows off my shape and is semi revealing and im like “ok i just feel uncomfortable” hahaha

    ew too much bacon! but still sounds fun πŸ™‚ LOVE SUSHIIII

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