California Dreamin’

I had a hard time sleeping last night due to my excitement.

And I won’t be sleeping at all tonight.

At 2:00 am this morning, husband and I will make our way to the San Antonio airport on our way to visit San Diego.

I love the process of getting ready for a trip almost as much as I love the actual trip. Well, okay, that’s a lie. But I still like it a lot.

The Googling of cheap eats and fun places to visit.

The buying and packing of clothes purchased solely for the trip.

The giddiness of knowing that very soon, I’ll wake up in a different time zone.

The memories of past vacations, rushing through airports, early mornings, late nights, sunny beaches, good food, cute cities, sight-seeing, exploring, fresh-brewed coffee, and looking out of hotel windows to see the view (or occasionally lack of.)

The breathtaking newness of it all. Waking up with the awareness that the day will be full of new adventures and new memories and new smells and new people and new grounds to tread on. The wonder of discovering said newness. There’s just something magical about going somewhere you’ve never been before, no?

The anticipating of doing all of these things with my partner in crime, aka Robby Boudreaux, aka husband-man. The joy of remembering we turn into wide-eyed, goofy kids again every time we step foot on unexplored grounds. The nice feelings I get knowing we get to do this all again in less than 24 hours.

It’s been an eight year dream of mine to visit California. I was convinced at 14 that I would grow up to be a famous Hollywood actress/American Idol judge/Ryan Seacrest’s beaming bride. (That last bit still perplexes even me.) Even when these adolescent dreams (thankfully) faded, my love for acting and the allure for this west coast state didn’t. Now, in the month of March, I have the opportunity to star in a university play while also visiting California with my favorite dude in the entire world. Best of both worlds! Teenage Christina couldn’t have dreamed up a better plan herself. (Clearly, since wedding Ryan Seacrest was part of the original plan….)

25 thoughts on “California Dreamin’

  1. San Diego is a great city so I am pretty sure you are going to have loads of fun. And a big LOL regarding Ryan Seacrest. Maybe not marrying but I understand the notion on how one could have a crush on the dude. What would keep me from marrying him is the fact that I would tower him with my love for high heels.

  2. Bahahahaha! Ryan Seacrest! *shakes head*
    Ok, Christina… saying any time “am in the morning” is just not allowed. *wags finger at you* Hahahaha
    I wanna go to Cali too! It’s so faaarrr though. I don’t know when I will have enough pennies to make it that far AND have money to pay for a place to stay, food, etc.
    Reading all your nice little vacay thoughts make me wanna… Run away.
    Have fuuu-uuunnn!

  3. It was raining down there earlier, but it should be clear and sunny by the time your plane lights down on the coast. Have a fun time! You can’t go wrong in that city. My favorite place is the zoo, but the beach is a lovely place for a picnic and walk. It might even be warm enough to take your shoes off and wade in the water!

  4. Hope you have a great time! I love the feeling of going on holiday too, like researching the area. Makes me look forward to the actual trip so much more.

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