Smitten with San Diego

I can’t even begin to describe how completely smitten I have become with San Diego. Where do I start?! I don’t know. But I shall try. In no particular order (I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried!), here’s my San Diego Top 10:

1. Exploring the Gaslamp Quarter District,which included brunch and bottomless mimosas.

2. The Japanese Friendship Garden. I had the opportunity to feed and get my hand sucked on by a giant Koi fish. It felt like a rather powerful suction cup and I was giggling like a five-year old. A neat and slightly funny-feeling experience.

3. The beach. Well, Duh.

4. Balboa Park. Simply gorgeous.

5. Meeting up with husband’s Parallel Kingdom (a game he plays on his phone–I’m married to a very lovable nerd) buddies for lunch at the famous burger joint, Hodad’s. The burger was amazing (I got the Guido which had pastrami on top.Yummy!) and the company was amazing. One of Robby’s friends later messaged him saying, “Your wife is awesome.” Aw. I felt the same about them and it was cute to see husband so giddy about meeting new people.

6.Cabrillo National Monument and Point Loma Lighthouse. Absolutely breathtaking views.

7. Double Bike Riding through the quaint and adorable town of Coronado. I loved this so much. Husband and I were laughing the entire time we were pedaling. We knew we probably looked ridiculous and I think this made for an even better time. Our adventures always leave me with some of the most amusing and cherished memories.

8. Scrumptious lobster tacos at The Local Eatery and Drinking Hole and some of the best pizza of our lives in Little Italy. Okay, so that’s two different things but I’m trying to keep this list at 10, dammit! It’s not cheating if they’re both food. So there.

9. The perfect weather. The fun people. The dog-friendliness of the city. Driving around and exploring everything we possibly could within a 72 hour period. Oh-ing and Ah-ing over every little thing with the husband. The indescribably beautiful scenery. The nightlife (including free drinks a couple of times.) Palm trees. The cool wind in my face. Wearing my bikini before spring break. Free music in the park. I could go on and on but I’m definitely cheating now. I can’t help it! I’m in love.

10. Spending three full days in San Diego laughing,strolling,kissing,exploring,eating,drinking,playing and loving life with my favorite dude in the entire world. I’m pretty smitten with him too.


27 thoughts on “Smitten with San Diego

  1. Meg says:

    Was it seriously that warm there!? I know you either don’t get cold easily or don’t care cuz I sometimes see pictures of robby in a beanie and a sweatshirt and you in a mini skirt =P So i can never tell the weather by your outfits lol.

    Looks like SO MUCH FUNNn!!! glad you loved it. :))

    love the pictures! =]

  2. Tracy's Treats says:

    AMAZING TIME! I’m going there in a couple months for work ( I think!) and I’m really looking forward to it!!!

  3. Glad you had a good time. SD is amazing! It’s great that you made it to Balboa Park and Coronado. I’ve lived in SoCal all my life but have never been to the Little Italy section of SD. Sounds like you had a great time – I’m super happy for you!

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  4. You two are so adorable! And boots with a bathing suit–loving it. Anyway, this trip sounds absolutely amazing! Now my desire to go to San Diego is even stronger…although I might pass on being sucked on by fish πŸ˜€

  5. By the looks of these pictures, I think I would be totally smitten too! It looks like you are having such a nice trip (or had such a nice trip) you and your boy are too cute. You look SO happy πŸ™‚

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