Tickled Pink.

I realize I use the word “happy” quite frequently in my blog, and I could see how this might get a little redundant and/or annoying. So I thought I’d spice it up a bit. I looked up synonyms for “happy” and my favorite was “Tickled Pink.” Yes. So I am feeling tickled pink today!

Life updates:

  •  While husband and I were on vacation, two girl friends and my brother took shifts taking care of my dogs. Brother even had to clean up some dog poo. I have the sweetest people in my life.
  • Had happy hour with a couple of buddies last night. Below is my “Hello, I am quite tipsy!” face:

  • Girls who look good at airports never cease to amaze me. I usually look either like a little boy or a half-awake monster. Sometimes a mixture of both. And then I see a chick with her hair curled, make-up applied and high heels on and I think, “I hate you.”, “Why!?!? “ and “You are my hero.”
  • I think maybe my apparent youthfulness attracts the elderly? Perhaps I remind them of their younger years? For whatever the reason, I get hit on by freakish amounts of slightly creepy old men. Bars, grocery stores, other states…No place is safe! San Diego was no exception. Husband and I walked into a bar, and almost instantly a dude around 70 starts doting over what a “pretty little thing” I am, that I am “just lovely” and other equally disturbing remarks. One of my biggest flaws is that I’m way too nice and I don’t know how to tell people to get lost. So Robby and I humor him and he buys us two drinks a piece. I’m glad I am able to use my powers for good.
  • My friend Priscilla, on missing me:
  • I missed a call from my husband today and texted him to see what was up. His response made my heart melt a bit. Okay, a lot.
  • One more class until my spring break officially begins! Fun plans are in the works. I’m lucky enough to have friends who, like me, are pretty much down for anything. The memories that come to mind make me smile. Parasailing with Priscilla. Hummer limo-riding and mini-road trips with Tessa.  Bikini car-wash and rain-dancing in a baseball field with Shannon. Jumping off of cliffs and participating in a nude lake with Emily. Indian reserves in New Mexico with Katie. Getting lost in Baltimore with Meg. Hiking in Colorado with the little brother. Painting houses in London with Bryant. Sharing giggles with Cierra in Paris. Riding bikes in San Diego with the hubby. Mechanical bull-riding with Crystal. Kayaking with Amber. Hosting an on-campus radio show with Becca. I could go on for hours, as everything I type leads me to another memory that brings yet another smile. Now I have a (mostly) open week  in which to make new grin-inducing memories! I love the feeling of having a countless amount of possibilities and so many loved ones by my side to explore them with.
  • I hope you’re tickled pink too!

17 thoughts on “Tickled Pink.

  1. Katie says:

    I’m glad you’ve even tickled pink lately! You should watch the Jenna Marbles video about what to wear at the air port. I can’t remember what it’s called, but you will love it f you haven’t seen it yet!

  2. Meg says:

    aww sweet little robby. He’s an acquarius right? That’s a compatible sign with aries (i’m all into astrology now..). But you and I are EVEN MORE COMPATIBLE hahah i love telling people this–that Sag is a fire sign and aries and leo are the other two fire signs and my bff is an aries and my boy friend is a leo. 🙂 and remember when we were younger I said if you were a guy i’d date you? I STILL WOULD! well i’m currently unavailable. but you know what I mean.

  3. The old dude’s – that is a early 20’s thing. I thought something must be wrong with me because I was constantly being hit on by those really sleazy old types. It got substantially better after I hit 30.

  4. What a good thing to notice, the constant use of the word “happy”, certainly a good sign!!!
    The husband text is too amazing. You have quite the catch there!
    Tipsy happy hours are the best. Who needs a late night drunk romp? Give me a little buzz at 6PM and I’m all set, haha.

  5. As an “older” woman who seems to hit on younger guys, when I’m actually just having fun at their expense, I say “go with it”. Like you said, you got free drinks. But if someone get really obnoxious, it’s important to know how to tell them to stop.

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