Spring Break 2012, Part One.

This week has one huge mix of awesomeness. My schedule is so hectic this semester that I’ve been taken aback by spring break. In a very good way. I can relax. I can sleep. I can go on adventures the moment I want to go on them. I can read a book that’s not school related. I don’t have any 14 hour days this week.  As the next couple of weeks are going to be especially intense due to an upcoming play and five-day a week rehearsals, I’m soaking all of this in and enjoying every little bit of it. Spring Break 2012, I love and cherish you.

Here are some favorite moments thus far:


Party at Jenn’s. Hot tubbin’ with the amigos.


Silent Disco with the best friend


Relaxed. Tanned in my backyard with wine, a juicy read and my bathing suit. Heavenly.


Peacocks in the park. I’ve lived in Austin all my life and am just now learning about Mayfield Park and its peacocks! Being a nanny definitely has its upsides.

Later Tuesday:

Miss Tessa scored free tickets to a concert at the rodeo. Being her best friend and all, I got a free ticket too. We actually had tickets to sit in this cool little dining area overlooking the concert, but as soon as the gates opened, we were rushing to the stadium to be as close as possible to a childhood dream. Our 12-year-old souls were giddy and giggly. We were watching DEMI LOVATO perform live. The preteens were screaming her name and the “WE LOVE YOU DEMIS!!!”, and we, respectively 22 and 23, screamed right along with them.


Wings date at Pluckers with my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) She’s 16 now and is about to get her first car. As I really am not familiar with South Austin and she’s forever giving me directions, Little is wanting to drive me around for our upcoming dates. Um. WHAT?! STOP GROWING BIGGER, LITTLE!!!

Friend Melody and I decided to check out some free SXSW events. Oh my goodness. I am glad we did this. We started out at a free venue. Free good music, free red wine (with refills!), free coconut milk ice-cream, and lots of fun people. When we left, I was already slightly tipsy and quite a happy girl.  As it was around 6 by then and I had planned on cooking dinner, we headed back to Melody’s car. This is where we were randomly invited into a social club by a couple of cool people sitting at a booth. Behind them was what appeared to be a quaint little house, with a ping-pong table in sight. And….what’s this…A PHOTO BOOTH! I told Melody about my hope of finding a photo booth earlier in the day. I had no idea what to expect from this social club (later I found out it was hosted by Puma) but was immediately sold. After playing with the photo booth, we made our way through the house and into the back. I was in love. Before me was what appeared to be a backyard but was actually paradise. The fake grass did not fool me. Actually it did. Melody had to tell me it wasn’t actually grass. Ahem. Besides the point. Before my eyes was a free open bar. A free t-shirt designing trailer. More free music. And SO many fun people to play with. The cute, albeit fake, yard-like setting gave the whole event a friendly and relaxed vibe. We hula-hooped. We danced. We talked to bands. We designed our own shirts. We took more photo-booth pictures. We socialized at a social club. I remember feeling that everything was just overwhelmingly and blissfully perfect. I am young and loved and living in Austin,Texas. What more could I possibly ask for?

22 thoughts on “Spring Break 2012, Part One.

  1. This all looks like so much fun! I want to come visit you Christina and you can take me for a week of partying and day trips 😀

    But seriously I’m glad you’ve had and are hopefully still having a fantastic time! You’ve done some great things, I want a hot tub and a photo booth after seeing this 🙂

  2. Tracy's Treats says:

    Wonderful weekend! SXSW was so much fun! I went to several random parties on Friday and the Rachel Ray thing on Saturday and it was awesome! Glad you had a great week!

      • yes this is illegal in ausltaria. in fact the fine for obscuring your plates is greater than a speeding fine.sounds good but remember the cop who pulls you over may not be able to fine you on this but he may just start getting interested in the roadworthiness of your car

  3. Your smile and attitude are contagious, girl! Tanning with wine and a juicy read, so jealous! Your striped bathing suit is so cute, is that a pink anchor int he middle??

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