Spring Break 2012, Part 2.

Oh my goodness. Contented sigh goes here. I have had such a lovely and eventful and refreshing and exciting Spring Break. If you missed it, here’s part one: Spring Break 2012, Part One.

Here’s my “I’m so happy that I look like I’m about to eat the camera” face.

And here’s Part Two:


My friend Emily and I are always in cahoots thinking up new adventures. We’ve made sushi, jumped off of cliffs,water-tubed,mini road-tripped and swam in nothing but our birthday suits at a nude lake together. So when I went to her in pursuit of a weekend adventure, I knew we’d figure something out. When she came up with the camping idea I immediately agreed. It’s a new years resolution of mine, and laughing with friends by a campfire just sounded amazing. It was. We rounded up a small group and met up in Georgetown, a city about 30 minutes from Austin. What followed was a night of smores and hot-dog making, girly gossip and giggles,chatting and story-sharing around a fire, classy Four Loko drinking, peeing in the woods, and teasing the boys for taking way too long to get our tent assembled. Sleeping on the ground without enough blankets was even kind of nice,as I had my best friend and hubby on either side of me for extra body heat. The morning after, Tessa and I laughed about how sleepy we looked and Emily had juice boxes and coffee cake ready for breakfast. Before leaving, husband and I walked hand-in-hand to the nearby lake. We made the kind of small talk  that lovers do and took in the beauty of the moment together. The whole experience was a really neat one. There’s just something about the mixture of nature and loved ones that makes me feel extra warm and fuzzy.


Sunday night, I had the exciting chance to be part of a live audience for America’s Got Talent. I just so happened to stumble upon first come, first serve free online tickets. Husband, Patrick and Taylor joined this small dream come true of mine. You may know that my childhood fantasy was to be a judge on American Idol. Well,this wasn’t quite the same. But the audience is known as the “Fourth Judge” and can help someone get to the next round by fist pumping while simultaneously screaming “Vegas” (where the talent will go for the next round) in a repetitive fashion. I made sure to take full advantage of my humble judging opportunity. I also made sure to take full advantage of the free stuff that was being thrown out. When dude with the microphone and free glowing rings appeared, I jumped up and down until said dude reacted, “Hey, girl in the black dress!”  It took me a moment to realize he was talking to me and I eventually responded with something intelligent like, “This girl in the black dress!?” I was only slightly embarrassed knowing that many eyes were on me during my moment of obliviousness, but more happy that I received my glowing ring and was talked to by dude with the microphone. I was also pretty giddy being in the same building as judges Sharon Osbourne and host Nick Cannon. Not to mention the talent was amazing (and the lack of  was sometimes hilarious and other times a little heartbreaking.) Oh. Did I mention I got to see Nick Cannon in a bikini? Yummy. I highly suggest you watch the auditions that will be airing in May. If only to see almost naked Cannon again (and at the slight chance of seeing myself) I’ll definitely be tuning in.

Cameras and phones weren’t allowed inside, but here’s a couple of pictures we took downtown afterwards. You can see me and Taylor’s glowing rings:

As crazy as the new few weeks will be, I’m prepared for and actually even looking forward to them. This last week has left me full of new memories and ready to take on even the most insane of schedules. Thank-you, Spring Break. Thank-you.

Hey, y’all. How was your Spring Break?

31 thoughts on “Spring Break 2012, Part 2.

  1. You got to be in the audience for a tv show?! COOL! I was an audience member in 6th grade at Disney. We applauded and cheered as we were told to do by giant signs. It was fun!
    Did I ever mention that I was on a reality tv show for a minute? Hahaha

      • It was a local one called BTC Starmaker. The local telecommunications company (BTC) was looking for a spokesperson for a $10,000 1 year contract. I didn’t win. 😦 The judges were questionable, and they seemed to be holding on to some not-so-great contestants just to make the show more interesting. Anyway, my friend won, so YAY!

  2. You always sound/look/are having so much fun! I love it! I miss spring break shenaningans, haha. It just means a slightly easier week at work for me, since lots of the part-time kiddos I supervise are off doing fun things.

  3. Oh my GOSH looks like you had such an amazing spring break, and I didn’t even see part one yet! Haha good old Four Loko, I don’t even think they are allowed to sell them here in CT anymore. I adore these photos because you look like you’re having the time of your life!

    • Last one:It’s been a while, I’ve lost my smile.I’ve given myself, to my demnos for a time.I’ve felt great joy, and gut wrenching pain,Somewhere in the middle, I thought I’d lose my mind.But, it’s always darkest,just before dawn I’ve suffered the night,and I’ve got to move on.I’ve braved through the winter,of my true discontent.Now, I’m back on the path,for the purpose which I was sent.I can never forget you,like breath you gave me life.You gave me purpose and strength,when I’d lost my will to fight.I thought I’d never recover,when your soul was called home.I felt the stranglehold of death,as it gripped at my soul.I thought I’d lost my purpose,and my will to survive.Then I recalled your beautiful voice,saying: “Daddy, please don’t cry.”No longer in bondage,to the pain of this world.You’ve been given new life,now you’re God’s little girl.The tears they still fall,and I’m still saddened that you’re gone.Please, remember Daddy loves you.And know your memory lives on.

  4. That sounds so fun!! You seem to always have a brilliant time Christina, to be honest you always make the most of things no matter what 🙂 I’m glad you’ve had such a great Spring Break! I hope the next few weeks go really well for you lovely!

    • Amen Sister!!!!! :-))))) You are deserving of every kidnsens and blessing you receive!!I hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend. And I hope you figured our LR2.6!! :-)))) If I can do it then it should be a breeze for you. Let’s face it, I just learned how to compose!:-)Hugs to you,Melanie

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