Twenty-Three Good Things

This week has surprised me by being so great. I was prepared for a whirlwind of busy scrambling and craziness, which has also been the case. It’s crunch time. Between work, upcoming finals and rehearsing for a play until 10 pm most nights this week and next, I am somewhat delirious right now. But the good kind of delirious. So many people, reminders and occurrences have made me smile and have kept me giddy this week. In fact, the whole month of March has been the best and most eventful of the year thus far. Maybe this is the universe reminding me that I turn twenty-three tomorrow. I never have trouble remembering my birthday, but this week it’s been in the very back of my mind. It’ll occasionally come back to the front and I’ll remind a few people so they can know for me. Before I forget again, I thought I’d put a list together in honor of my twenty-third year here on earth. They’ve been good ones and I have so much to be grateful for.

Twenty-Three Good Things :

  1.  A letter from a friend. I love snail-mail.
  2.  A blogger friend telling me that I was a “Sassy little spitfire..merrooww”  Um. How could this comment not make me smile?
  3. An email from the marketing coordinator at Fit Approach, saying that they “Adore” my blog and asking if I’d be willing to contribute content to theirs. Email went on to ask if I’d be interested in becoming a “Sweat Pink Ambassador”, which would involve inspiring others and finding  “a whole network of motivating, inspiring, well-connected people like yourself.” Sheesh. They sure know how to flatter a girl. And yes, I most definitely am interested.
  4. Early birthday presents.
  5. Text from a friend letting me know a present is in the mail.
  6.  Though I am young, I usually don’t like turning another year older as this does mean eventually getting old. I’m actually really excited about turning twenty-three. I feel like the way it sounds matches how I feel about life right now. Eager. Happy. Ready. Fun. A little more grown-up.  It actually surprises me that I still have seven years (and a day) until I turn thirty. I think because my hubby’s twenty-nine, I often feel that I am close to the same. It always makes me happy to remember that I am not quite that elderly yet. (Ha.)
  7. My Keurig is among the best presents I’ve ever received. It was a wedding gift, and has now aided in 2.5 years of bliss. If you’re wondering, A Keurig is a machine in which you insert a little coffee pod and push a a little button and out comes a little cup of coffee! In other words, it’s a coffee addict’s dear and beloved friend. But it’s an expensive friend. Those little pods don’t mess around. So when I received Starbucks coffee grounds as a birthday present, I decided to buy myself a little present. A refillable coffee pod! It was a little like waking up on Christmas this morning knowing I’d get to test it out. The verdict=Yum.
  8. My friends, who never cease to amaze me with how wonderful they are to me.
  9. A very cute birthday card. 
  10. Anticipating birthday plans and treats.
  11. Making new friends.
  12. Family.
  13. Forgiving and being forgiven.
  14. My little brother, who turned 20 last week. I’m incredibly proud of him and the selfless,sweet, wonderful dude he’s turned out to be. I’m about to get all teary-eyed just writing this.
  15. My husband, who still often surprises me by how much he loves me and all that he does for me.
  16. My dogs. I sometimes tell my husband I can’t imagine loving my kids any more than I love my dogs. This sounds absolutely horrible and I know deep down it’s not true, but man, I REALLY love my dogs.
  17. A sweet message from a new friend: “… I have yet to meet someone who is as much of an adventure buff as me. It’s so refreshing to meet someone like you!” Aw. Shucks.
  18. Sleeping in until 9:15 this morning.
  19. Play is next week! Since there are a total of six different short plays, we’ve all been rehearsing separately up until this week. It’s so much fun now that we’re all together. I love the comradery and sense of togetherness that is brought along with a full cast.  Not to mention, watching everyone perform is awesome. I am completely blown away by the talent that I have the chance to work with and feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of it all.
  20. My university. This semester more than ever. Maybe it’s practically living there because of this play or maybe it’s the knowledge that I’ll be graduating in a year. Maybe it’s that I’ve found a lot of my determination and self-assurance there. Whatever the reason, I am absolutely smitten with Concordia. The campus is beautiful, my professors are wonderful, my fellow students and friends make me happy and the couches in Building B are super comfortable. It just feels like home.
  21. Did I mention yet how grateful I am for coffee this week? And every other week too? But especially this week? I love coffee. COFFEE!!!!! If you can’t tell, I’m on my second cup of Italian Roast as we speak. Or as I write. Whatever.
  22. Being alive. The ability I have to smell,taste, breathe, feel, travel, talk, laugh,love and be loved.
  23.  I noticed the other day that I’m more confident than I’ve ever been before. I’m proud of myself and of what I’ve accomplished. But more than what I’ve accomplished, I’m proud of the steps and chances I’ve taken to accomplish what I have (or even haven’t.) I’ve realized I don’t always have to strive for perfection or hide all of my insecurities. People will love me anyway. I can love me anyway. I’m able to laugh at myself, and this has actually served in making me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve come a long way in a few short years, and have found so many great people, opportunities and even my own potential along the way. I’m excited and ready to live and do and see so much more. I’m just in a really good place right now. And it feels like a perfect time to say hello to twenty-three.

                                         Hello, Twenty-Three.

11 thoughts on “Twenty-Three Good Things

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’d tell you to celebrate and have a good time, but you have those skills DOWN! Let’s hear it for confidence, good times, better friends and overall fun living! Growing up (or, well, older) isn’t a bad thing unless you let it be!

  2. I love this fabulous, positive list. What a good idea! We are March bday twins it seems, I turned 23 on Thursday 🙂 Snail mail is super fun indeed, I used to write letters constantly in middle school and I miss that! It’s funny b/c if I write a friend a letter now I feel like I will have already told her everything by the time she gets it haha damn technology.
    Congrats on being asked to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Quite the accomplishment.
    Love what a good place you are in. Happy early birthday! I know you will celebrate it right, because as that commenter said, you are sassy for sure.!

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