Opening Night

Last night was opening night of my university’s collection of short plays, All in the Timing. As most of you know, I was cast in the short play The Philadelphia as a very sassy waitress. Rehearsing for hours a day the past two weeks has been exhausting and fantastic. Each day kind of runs into the next and I have time for nothing else, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m having the time of my life. I’ve spent more time with my fellow cast lately than I have with my hubby, and they’ve very quickly found a big place in my heart. We spend our time in the Green Room dancing and giggling and coloring and game-playing and having deep conversations, all whilst trying not to be too loud. (But usually failing and getting scolded by our stage manager.) We have ridiculously hilarious chats and a slew of cast inside jokes. We’re comfortable enough to grab each others boobies. (The girls, that is.) I get giddy and excited seeing faces that I saw only twelve hours previous. I feel like I’ve added members to my family. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty smitten with life and my cast members as of late. I adore them and I love our play and all that’s been put into it. Opening night was exhilarating and heart-palpitating and it went wonderfully. The feeling of being on stage, making others think and laugh and feel is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. The team-work involved with this production is just as amazing. I’ve been tucking many moments this week into my conscious book of memories, and I know I’ll probably be coming back to them for decades to come.

There’s two more nights of performances left. I can’t wait to spend more time with my cast family and get up on that stage again tonight.

Wish us luck?!

One more thing: I’d also like to mention that I have the most patient and lovely director a gal could ask for. She went out and bought all of the cast flowers last night. Each came with a really sweet note and every flower was unique from the next. Neely (director lady) mentioned that she had fun picking each out, and we decided she did so to fit each of our personalities. I’m not sure what my flower was, but it was pink and wild-looking. I love it. I jokingly asked a fellow cast mate what this said about my personality. We laughed and she responded with something like, “I don’t know. It’s like…..RAAWRR! HAPPY!!!!”Β  Yep. That pretty much sums me up, I think.

17 thoughts on “Opening Night

  1. I loveeed the excitement in this post!! So much joy. I wish I lived near you so I could come watch you and your cast kill it on the stage!! Good luck and have a blast you rawwwrrific biatch!

  2. What fun! Of course good luck with all your performances, I bet they’re going to be great! And what an opportunity to do something you love while meeting what sound like some absolutely fabulous people. Love the idea of matching flowers to personalities, too.

  3. Oh Christina I love you!! You are one of the most fun and happy people I’ve ever come across and reading your posts always cheers me up πŸ™‚ I hope that all of the performances went really really well! I love the flower and how unique it is and how much it fits you!

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