Top Ten…Uh…Twelve Moments Lately.

I was attempting to only make a top 10, but life has been too damn good lately so I had to make it twelve! As far as complaints go, I suppose that’s a good one to have.

Top 10 12 moments lately:

  • 1. Birthday presents in the mail from my beloved Katie. She bought gifts perfect for me, which also means perfect for any five year old, and I can’t wait to play with them. I’ve been lucky enough thus far in life to keep most of my friends in my nearby area. I was a little bit heartbroken when this girl recently moved to New Mexico. I forgot that one of the upsides is more mail! (And another is cheap vacations.)
  • 2. Husband had attended the invited dress rehearsal for my play but had also said he’d come on Saturday night. His car picked this night not to start. I received this text before the play:  Dude makes it hard to stay mad at him. He walked to the liquor store to buy drinks for the cast party that night and to Randalls to get me flowers. It took him an hour to get there and back. I think he may love me a little bit, y’all.
  • 3. The play. It went amazingly and put butterflies in my stomach and I smile just thinking about it. Performing and everything leading up to that moment were experiences of a lifetime. I‘m just going to pretend I‘m accepting an Oscar and give a cheesy speech: “I am so thankful to my director for giving me a role, my cast-mates for being wonderful and former Christina for getting over her fear of trying out.”
    • 4. Cast party at my place after the play. I’m kind of in love with my former cast, y’all. Especially the girlies. I love the start of new girl friendships. They’re romantic and infatuating in a purely platonic way. I don’t know if that makes sense or not, but ‘tis how I feel.
    • 5 Receiving my shoelaces,sweet note and tank top from Fit Approach. I am officially a Sweat Pink Ambassador and am beyond thrilled to have been given this opportunity.
    • 6.Belated birthday text from my skeptically sweet dude friend Ryan. Made me laugh and smile.
  • 7. My guy friends have a tendency to develop dude crushes on my husband. TJ was no exception. Saturday night, shortly after meeting my hubby, he confessed to loving Robby and our relationship. He also expressed his want to become our “third wheel” and move into our house, or even on top of our roof. He’s since taken on a faux-creeper role. Yesterday in our shared theatre class I was in hysterics from laughing so hard. Our professor instructed the class to each write down two pieces of dialogue and one location for others to act out. Three people were acting out a scene when they pulled out what was, unbeknownst to me, TJ’s piece of dialogue. An oblivious class-mate then had to read and act out, “Don’t call him Rob! His name is Robby. My dad’s name is Rob!” This is a pet peeve of mine. The fact that my husband and dad (and grandpa and father-in-law) all share the same name is creepy enough. I don’t need them sharing nicknames too! But I had forgotten until this moment that I had tipsily yelled at TJ for doing such on Saturday night, and was amusingly taken aback to hear what irks me being quoted. I would tell you what TJ’S choice of location on his piece of paper was, but in the off chance I have a serial-killer stalker, I’ll refrain. I wouldn’t want them knowing my home address.

  • 8.Drinks and tanning with Priscilla. Finally having time to relax again.
  • 9. Becca bringing me fries to class. I technically don’t eat fast food anymore (since January!) but it’d be rude to turn down a gift, eh!?
    • 10.Being featured on my university’s home page.
    • 11. Upcoming vacation planning with friends. (Excited!)
    • 12: Quote from cast-mate/ new friend Rachel: “You’re bad-ass. All week Hannah and I have been saying, ‘That Christina girl. She’s so bad-ass.'” Aw. This is the same way I currently feel about life and all of the people in it. I feel like I’m constantly on a natural high just from being alive. And that’s pretty bad-ass.


13 thoughts on “Top Ten…Uh…Twelve Moments Lately.

  1. Aww, I’m so glad the play went so well! I know you rocked it! And I know what you mean about guy friends developing crushes on your husband. I always tease Christopher about all these guys having “man crushes” on him. Teehee!

  2. CERTAINLY a good problem to have! All those things are indeed awesome. Congrats again on Sweat Pink. My sneakers are the color of those shoelaces (I’m talking the entire sneaker) and I LOVE them. They really perk up my workouts. My headphones are that color too. Yeah, I definitely usually look like a Barbie at the gym. A-OK with me though.

    The sentence “he has since become a faux-creeper” made me laugh. I love the way you write! You just always seem so excited and happy about life. It’s contagious! You know what else is contagious? The urge to color. Seeing that coloring book makes me want to go home and draw with my colored sharpies. I was never a crayon person, more of a colored marker person – a GOOD market that isn’t running out of ink one bit. Do you feel me on this? Haha

    I’m so glad to hear the play went well. I had no doubt that you’d rock it. And look at you, continuing to “perform” on the university home page, haha.

    I forgot that Heinz changed their ketchup packets to look like that! So classy.

    • Haha. This comment made me smile and laugh. A good combo, I think.
      I love that you look like a Barbie at the gym. I usually look like a young boy at the gym. Coloring is super contagious! You talking about coloring makes me want to color!
      Thanks for the sweet words. 😀

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