Dear Life,

Thanks for being really good to me. Thanks for the friends and experiences you bring my way. & Thanks for these recent favorite moments too:

  • I knocked off a New Years resolution and accomplished a goal by finally trying yoga out for the first time. When my buddies and I first walked into Black Swan Yoga (the only donation based yoga in Austin!), we were taken aback a little bit. It was really hot. Still, we put our mats down and got situated. People in the room were doing things like the splits and wearing fancy work-out gear (I, myself, was quite sophisticated in my husband’s torn up Hanes shirt), but we pressed on. This was supposed to be beginners yoga after all. Before the class started, I got up to use the bathroom and, as usual, started chatting with a stranger. I asked her if she’d done this before. She had. I told her it was my first time. She warned me that this class was probably the hardest. This confused me. It’s a beginners class! I told the two girlies I was with, and upon asking an instructor, we found out this was the much more advanced and fast-paced sweaty yoga. We more or less ran downstairs to where the beginners yoga had just started. It was nice actually being told to slow down,relax and take deep breaths for an hour. I’m not very good at doing any of those things by myself, so instruction was much appreciated. I loved it, and am happy to say I’ve found another adventure partner in crime in my lovely new friend Amanda.
  • Friday night drinks with Becca. She paid for me, claiming that it was a birthday present. This girl. She already bought me birthday breakfast, birthday mimosas, birthday bellinis and a birthday cheesecake. Also, my birthday was close to a month ago. I may have mentioned lately that I’m a little spoiled?
  • Seeing and catching up with the best dude friend. Six years of best friendship later, and we still argue like brother and sister every time we see each other. (Or text…or talk on the phone….)
  • Party at my place with both new and old friends. I am blessed to have some amazing people in my life, who don’t even mind my BYOB rule.
  • Date night with the hubby, which consisted of being sucked into a really perverted nursery rhyme. No, really. We went to go see “Humpty”, a play at The Vortex in downtown Austin. The location is appropriately named as I immediately felt like I’d been sucked into another universe upon entering. Outside, there were hula hoops and Foosball tables and other fun activities. It was kind of like a big playground for grown ups. Walking inside, we found ourselves in the Butterfly Bar, a cozy and hip little area. I was then greeted by Mother Gus (Equivalent to Mother Goose.) Above you can see that her bosom put my little bosom to shame. Robby and I were handed play info and our tickets, which were to my delight, playing cards. I got a six of diamonds! Ahem. I’m easily amused. By the time we were ushered into the room where the actual stage was, I was already delighted with the whole experience. It only got better, as we got up close and personal to the stage and the talent was enthralling. Recently being in a school production really left me so much more appreciative and captivated by all of the hard-work and details that had been put into this play. OH! On my potty break, I found a real life kitty chilling in the bar area. Sir Spalding Diddles was his name. This was my first time to ever pet an actor. I won’t go into more detail, in the chance that you live in Austin and want to be a part of a perverted nursery rhyme too. But I will say, oh my goodness, I love my city. Where else could I go to a yard-bar-play,get a picture with Mother Goose AND pet a kitty actor named Sir Spalding Diddles?!

In conclusion, Life. Keep up the good work. I’ll keep up my part of the bargain by seeking out new experiences and loving on the people you’ve given me on a daily basis.


19 thoughts on “Thanks,Life.

  1. Tracy's Treats says:

    LOVE Black Swan! I’ve gone several times…Did you go to the one on 5th? There’s a new one that opened up down South too!

    • Hi Ana, Thank you very much for your message and insrteet in yoga. We would love to have you in one of our classes! We have two classes for beginners, one on Thursdays 7.45-9pm and one on Fridays 6-7.15pm. The cost is a348 per 6 weeks block so you pay in advance for 6 sessions. You can also drop in to our Friday class for a37. If there is anything else you would like to know please get in touch! Many thanks, Yoga Life xx

  2. I love the name of the yoga studio – it makes it sound so graceful….. but I think most of the poses are anything but graceful. 🙂 I like the restorative poses – very relaxing.

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