Reflecting and Planning.

This month has been wonderfully different for me. The month of March was the busiest,craziest and best month of the year thus far. April has, in comparison, felt like a relaxing and much-deserved break. But I’ve mentioned lately that I really suck at relaxing. I’m trying to train myself to not be this way. So, this month I’ve read books, sipped on lots of coffee and wine, sunbathed with my dogs, spent quality time with the hubby and my family, talked to a university adviser, changed my major to multi in Comm and Psych, tried out my first yoga class, made my first chilled avocado soup, saw a live play instead of being in one, and have nurtured both new and old friendships. Still pretty productive, but in a much calmer way than I’m accustomed to. Because I get restless so easily, I really have had to remind myself that I needed that. Finals are next week. I’m in-between jobs right now but have two starting up in May. I have an adventure-filled, busy weekend (and summer) ahead of me. More than anything, this month has given me the opportunity to reflect and prepare for all of the great stuff up ahead. This week, more than most, has me excited about what I’ve accomplished this year and what is soon to come. A few examples:

The month of March: I was in a university play, became a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach, went to my first silent disco, partied at a social club for SXSW, saw a live viewing of America’s Got Talent, vacationed in San Diego, went camping, turned 23, felt overwhelmingly loved at my surprise party and made some truly incredible new friendships.

What I’m currently excited about:

  • I love love love being A Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador, and it’s only just begun. I recently sent in my Fitness A-ha! moment and am excited to see that blog soon on their website. I love sporting my Fit Approach tank, and have already given out a few pink shoelaces (You want a pair? Lemme know!) More than anything, I am overwhelmed and so stoked (Yes, I said stoked.) about the huge and amazing community of wonderful ladies I’ve found. These chicks are inspiring and encouraging and oh-so fun, and I’ve never before felt so connected to the blogging world. I love checking my email to see so many new messages from a lovely group of like-minded girlies. I’m honored to be a part of it all, and can’t wait to get to know everyone even more and to see all the neat things that will come from being a Sweat Pink Ambassador.
  • My dude friend Ryan and I have been planning a web show for a while now. We’ve purchased the website, thought up a name and made the video intro. He called me up the other day saying he was about to get the funds to buy a camera and all that other fancy tech stuff I know nothing about. I was getting a little antsy and am so thrilled that Conversation with the Nation will actually start up soon. I have a good feeling and can’t wait to show y’all the first episode!
  • Whilst on the phone with Ryan, he had another question for me. Some of y’all may remember I was the news-girl in a semi-popular and perverted podcast called Your Uncle’s Lap? “An awkward yet safe place to be.”? Well. That podcast ended a while ago, and Ryan and another dude are about to start up another one. He asked me if I’d be the third and full-time member. Shucks! Looks like a I may even get paid this time around. To my relief, he also mentioned that it’d be more appropriate of a podcast, and that I’d have a lot more of a say as a full-time member. Hopefully this means we can come up with a name that I’m not terrified of putting on a future resume.
  • Vacations! Friends and I are trying to scrap together the funds for a vacation in the next month or so, Husband and I are planning on going to Florida with his family in June and I’m visiting my best friend Meggie in Maryland, probably late July-early August. I also really want to visit my friend Katie in New Mexico and hopefully Meg is okay with road-tripping to at least one or two other states when I visit. I’m kind of a travel whore,y’all. I hope you catch that this means I just really love lots of vacations, and not that I’m sleeping with random men every time I leave the state. Because I’m definitely not. Just thought I’d clarify.

18 thoughts on “Reflecting and Planning.

  1. katie says:

    I am glad you are taking a relaxed approach to April, but girl, you sure know how to make relaxing look crazy and exciting! You are definitely a travel whore but, I hope I am a pit stop on your whoring adventures! I love you and congrats on almost being done with the semester!!

  2. Wow you did some fantastic relaxing there, sounds like my ideal sort of relaxing! I love that you were still productive too 🙂 Sounds like you have heaps of exciting stuff coming up, looking forward to more on the web show and your travel plans sound amazing, quite envious over here 😛

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