Treating Life Like A Vacation

Being twenty-three and alive and happy and summer is really a  great combination. It means friends and laughter and long talks on balconies. It means going on lots of adventures and making plans. It means so many new things and places and the thrill of summer heat and what’s to come next. It means good books and taking chances. It means promises of new experiences, tanner skin, the smell of chlorine and the taste of salt-water, endless possibilities and exploring the world. Or that’s what it means for me anyway.

  • Here’s a catch up on my life lately:
  • I’m going on a road-trip to Shreveport, Louisiana in two weeks! A friend from school invited me to come with her, her husband and his good friend. I’m excited. I love road-trips and I’ve only been to the border cities of Louisiana thus far. I can’t wait to explore. Shortly after this and near the end of May,I’m going on a beach trip with the best girly friends. Then in June I’m going to Florida. Then  in July or early August I’m visiting my best friend in Maryland. We’re also planning to visit her wonderful uncles in New York. I may or may not sneak one or two other vacations/road-trips into this whole mix. My summer is booked full of vacations and this makes me super happy.

  • I mentioned I was feeling spontaneous lately. So,a couple of day ago, I went blonde for the summer! I did this last year too and loved it. It feels fun and refreshing and slightly satisfied my spontaneity bone. At least for a day or so.

  • This past weekend (Pre-hair highlights, as you can see), Hubby and I went to a small cocktail party at Hannah and Rachel’s new apartment. We drank cocktails and talked on their balcony. At one point of the night, Hannah looked at me and randomly announced, “You have a hot body.” Later, she informed me that my husband and I both have perfect teeth and that were going to make supermodel babies one day. Have I mentioned that I love her? (Who says flattery isn’t the way to a girl’s heart?!)
  • And really, I do feel happy and healthy in my own skin. It’s amazing what cutting out fast food and soda and consistent exercise can do for a body. I haven’t felt this good in a bikini since….ever. I’ve never felt this good in a bikini, y’all.
  • Yesterday, I faxed in my volunteer form to help out at my local animal shelter. Animals have the biggest soft spot in my heart. I’m so giddy to start helping and cuddling them that it’s taking a lot of patient effort to not call the shelter up today and ask how soon I can.
  • Colorful daisies from the husband make me smile.
  • Husband and I had a fabulous date day in honor of our four years of togetherness. We started with a brunch buffet at Trudy’s which was reminiscent of and brought back happy memories of our San Diego brunch in March. We then proceeded onward to a new adventure. Pinballz Arcade. A BYOB old-school pinball arcade! Despite the fact that I almost immediately dropped my beer and it went spewing all over the arcade games and I deeply contemplated hiding under a pinball machine for an hour, the date was a lot of fun. Husband and I played pinball and air hockey, at which he beat me quite badly. He shared his beer with me. I won tickets and picked out some pretend glasses for my prize. I love things like this. New places and adventures in my hometown always makes me feel like I’m vacationing in my own city. And if you treat life like a constant vacation, how can you not be constantly happy?

12 thoughts on “Treating Life Like A Vacation

  1. Your life is so amazing! Reading this makes me happy. You look awesome in that bikini and I love the design of it too. Sounds like you and hubby have been having amazing times with each other and with friends. Your blonde hair looks adorable! You are adorable.

  2. Umm..yes..HELLO HOT BODY!! I can’t wait to bust mine out for summer!! It’s still too cold in my area. I love that you are going to volunteer with animals! I volunteer at the humane society by my house and it’s sooo rewarding, you’ll love it!

    • Good written! I\’ve been thnnkiig about this myself. Being what the fashion industry would call a plus size, but actually more a normal size, I\’ve more than once felt that I can\’t pull out the same nice outfit posts etc as a skinny girl. Looking around in the fashion and blog industry today there\’s hard to find a girl that\’s not a size 0-6.And as soon as you do, people get shocked that this girl shows herself in the same type of outfits as a size 0-6 blogger. Yes, some clothes might fit better on smaller girls but honestly, why is that?The only reason we think so it\’s because that\’s the ONLY vision we have of how clothes are supposed to fit and what type of girl that should be wearing them. And to be honest, I think the blogindustry of today has made this even worse.Earlier, you only saw these outfits on actual models, and in a way you knew that they were models and not a normal person, we knew that it wasn\’t realistic for everyone to look like that. But today, 99% of the bloggers looks like models and only posts pictures of people looking like models, and this is what a lot of young women have as their references. Because bloggers are actually normal people, a feasible human being living the same type of life as yourself (or maybe not ). This makes it more realistic as well, to think that everyone that\’s good looking, successfull or want to do anything with fashion, has to be skinny and look like everyone else in the same industry

  3. I\’m horrified!!! She looks great!!! I don\’t know what I was exictepng to see when I hit the hyperlink, but it definitely was not a picture of a beautiful girl, with a nice body in a bikini at the beach. She looks great and I don\’t understand why people continue to hold each other to these unrealistic ideals! I am a mother or 2 and have my own weight issues to deal with, but I think we should all be more supportive and encouraging with each other. We are not all supposed to look alike! That is why God made us different shapes, colors and sizes! How boring it would be to live in a world of stick thin women with the same hair color and eye color just because that is what society says is beautiful. You can NEVER be too fat to blog! Thanks for posting, and opening the dialogue for this topic, it is very near and dear to my heart.

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