A Perfect Summer Day

Wednesday afternoon, three friends and I headed out to Pace Bend Park. We rock-climbed and swam and enjoyed the gorgeous, hilly views of Austin, Texas. Friend Amanda took words right out of my mouth when she repeatedly announced, “I am just so high on life right now.”  Despite the fact that I was rock-climbing in flip-flops, (I wore flats whilst climbing in Colorado this past summer. I’m not the best at thinking logically.) it was an exciting, breathtaking, bonding and all-around wonderful experience. And yeah, I’m pretty high on life right now too.


T.J. was squishing me with his seat. Look at that evil, devious smile.

We ended the day with drinks,games, and a delicious dinner made by Amanda herself. You know that happy feeling you get after spending a flawless afternoon outdoors in the hot weather with wonderful friends? And then that bubbly feeling you get afterwards while spending an evening indoors drinking and laughing and reminiscing with those same friends? It was one of those. The day was a perfect,adventurous and magical way to ring in the summer of 2012. Cheers to many more of those perfect days and contented feelings.

21 thoughts on “A Perfect Summer Day

  1. Glad you’re having such a fantastic time!! You are looking pretty damn hot in your bikini girl 😉 This really does sound like a perfect summer day! I can’t wait till I can relax like this in a month’s time! 🙂

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