Feelings & Et Cetera

I’m feeling….

  • Inspired

This morning I was walking the two-year old twins I nanny to the park. The sky was overcast, the air was cool and I could smell the chlorine of pool water in the air. It hit me then. The world. It’s beautiful. I needed to write. I usually feel the most inspired by life when I’m at my most busy. A couple of months back whilst rehearsing for a university play, I remember feeling the desire to blog almost daily. I’d squeeze in posts in-between the few rare moments of solitude I could find, always rushing to put into words all the feelings I’d stored up that day. It’s nice now to be busy and inspired, but not so busy that I can’t bask in the silent wonder that said inspiration brings.

  • Accomplished

I’ve been accomplishing a lot of new years resolutions and trying out lots of new things. My horizons are constantly expanding, and I love that feeling. I’m more physically active than I’ve ever been, and very proud to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach. I’m about to start volunteering at an animal shelter, and just thinking about that makes me smile. I like my grades and GPA and what my future resume will look like. If all goes as planned, I’ll be graduating in a year. I always sort of thought I’d graduate at 80, and it’s kind of surreal to actually be this close. At the same time, I’m enjoying the heck out of my last bits of college life. Having a dad who has been a high-up manager at Dell for as long as I can remember (Okay,yeah, I like to openly brag about him), I’m very blessed (cough,spoiled,cough) to have a good job arranged before I even graduate from school. As I know this is an amazing time of my life and also a chapter I can never get back, I’m more than happy to revel in these moments of being young and doing the school thing.

  • Grateful

I am constantly heart-warmed by the people in my life. I mentioned recently that I’m a pretty guarded person and it takes a lot for me to get close to people. I think I should mention here that this is my own fault and on one else’s. It really wouldn’t hurt if I could learn to be a little more trusting and open. Both people who have recently come into my life and those who have been around for years never fail to keep me a happy,smiling girl. New friend Jessica inviting me on a really inexpensive road trip. (Last year around this time my friend Katie invited me to New Mexico and I barely spent a dime.) Really sweet compliments from buddy Patrick. Texting memories with best dude friend Bryant. Dancing with best girl friend Tessa. Amanda blog-commenting to say that, “I think some of my best Austin memories have been made in the short few months we have known each other. In love with our friendship!”, and setting a picture of us on her phone’s lock screen. (We have a full-blown chick-mance going on now. You know, like a bro-mance. But for girls.) The family I’ve just started nannying for giving me a welcome goody-bag full of drinks and treats. Eating out with my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) and feeling so proud that she’s about to start her junior year of high-school. My grandpa leaving adorably sweet voice-mails on my phone. Falling asleep in my husband’s arms. Etc, etc, etc. I am just so thankful to have the people that I do surrounding me. I don’t know if I always deserve them, but man, I sure do love ’em.


Oh, where to start? Everything excites me, y’all. It’s storming outside. I love storms. I’m already in love with my two summer nanny jobs, and happy to still keep in touch with (and have great references from) past nanny jobs. I love the childlike fun and the flexibility of being a nanny. I’ve met a lot of amazing people this year and have gone on so many fun adventures. There’s so much to do in my own city and I can’t wait to grab Austin by the balls this summer. Of course, my wanderlust means other exploring is also necessary. I leave on Monday for a road-trip to Louisiana. And then the beach soon after that. And then Florida soon after that. And then Maryland. And then New York. And maybe Oklahoma. And maybe New Mexico too. And….etc. That’s what makes life so exciting to me. The endless “And,et ceteras.” There’s always something more to do. To explore. More people to meet and love. More food to eat. More books to read. More lessons to learn. The never ending possibilities of this world. I can never get enough.

 I’m feeling really good. & Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

10 thoughts on “Feelings & Et Cetera

  1. I love this!! the summer I babysat was the best ever 🙂 I am actually going to start 2 days a week after school ends for the girl I started mentoring last year. I hope to still have a connection to her when she is in high school like you with your little!!

    • My top Serena moment is from Blair Waldorf Must Pie! in Season One. Blair just puregd for the first time in over a year(if you ignore the deleted scene from the Pilot) and Serena comes to comfort/rescue her. It\’s such a great moment that proves what a good person Serena is. Earlier that morning, Blair went on the defensive about Chuck and basically called Serena a slut. Yet here Serena is, holding Blair and wiping tears off her face. As someone who\’s dealt with bulimia personally, I can\’t tell you how much that kind of support and understanding means. P.S. Any hope for a Spotted for seasons three and four?

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