Photo Shoot with Pinktography

If you don’t already know, I really love trying new things. All sorts of different, new and fun things. A little of this and a little of that. I guess you could call me a dabbler. A dabbler of all things life-related. It teaches me a lot. As a small example, I’ve learned from being a dabbler, (Isn’t that a fun word?) that I love acting and traveling, am good at writing, hate gardening, suck at dancing (but have fun trying anyway), am not a very consistent video blogger and have an odd talent for hula-hooping. As far as jobs go, I’ve done everything from waitressing to nannying to working retail to being a lunch lady. (Not exactly one of my proudest moments. But I always choose a hat over a hair-net. A little dignity was spared.) I’m learning who I am by trying a little bit of everything, and am having a whole lot of fun along the way. One of the things I’ve dabbled in a bit over the years is modeling. In 2006, I runway modeled for Toni and Guy at my local mall and this year I was paid to promotional model for Army. Both times, I loved it and gained confidence and a little wisdom from the experience. My newest endeavor was last Sunday, with a professional photographer I found online. She was hoping to add to her portfolio, and I figured, why the hell not? Sounds fun. I’ll give this a shot. So I messaged her, she emailed back, I sent her my blog link, and (much to my excitement) we proceeded to set up a date and a place. This was my first photographed modeling experience, and I had an absolute blast. Pinktography was fun, talented and knowledgeable. I guess she liked me too because she wants to do another shoot soon at a different location!

A few of my favorites:

This was an exciting,new adventure to put under my belt of dabbling, and I even have some neat pictures to show for it. Now I’m off to finish up packing for my latest adventure…..Road-trip to Louisiana in the morning!

26 thoughts on “Photo Shoot with Pinktography

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  1. Anonymous says:

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