Louisiana Road-Trip 2012

My (fun/adventurous/lovely) trip in pictures and (elaborate) captions:

A little bit of gambling was done on my part (More gambling was done on all other parts.) I’m not much of a literal gambler (I prefer metaphorically gambling on life stuff, as long as it doesn’t involve me losing money. I’m sort of a cheap-ass.), but I did have fun playing my first ever table game (Casino War!) and a few slots. Oh. And drinking for free. Definitely enjoyed that.

The Louisiana Boardwalk:

Exploring Shreveport: I road-tripped it up with friend Jessica, her hubby and his buddy Erick. Erick and I became fast friends (He thought I was “chill” and “awesome.” I thought he was pretty cool too, not to mention the perfect picture-taker.) and we explored together one evening while Jess and her hubby napped. I adored the historic beauty and feel of downtown Shreveport and couldn’t help but walk around with childlike excitement and wonder. I love the feeling of investigating my surroundings and seeking out this world’s treasures.

The Louisiana Walk of Fame! Terry Bradshaw had his feet where I’m standing once.

Boys pillow fighting:

Favorite Eats:

Bottomless tacos & margaritas from Smokey Joe’s and strong coffee & the best donuts of my life from Sportsman’s Cafe.

Elevator Group Shot:

I still have the afterglow from such a fun trip. I love traveling. I love road-trips. I love friends and exploring and new places. To get all of this together and all at once? Well, it’s pretty much like a non-sexual orgasm. I’m currently reminiscing, sipping on a screwdriver and glad to be home and able to cuddle (etc) with the hubby. It’s nice to be able to relax just a bit before a beach trip with girl-friends next weekend. Life is good, I am happy and the adventures continue.

13 thoughts on “Louisiana Road-Trip 2012

  1. This sounds like such a brilliant road trip, I’m glad you had such a good time! I really love your top Christina, such a gorgeous colour 🙂 And your sandles are fantastic, I’ve been looking for some like that for ages.

    • aww thanks girly! those shoes died by the end of the trip. the bottom started falling off of one shoe and i had to start scooting around places so as to not trip. eventually i had to just rip it off as to not look like i had broken a leg with all my scooting 😛 they were wonderful while they lasted!

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