“I think there’s wine in my shoe.” and other adventures.

It’s been a wonderful (fun, exciting, lovely, other good adjectives go here) past few days. It looks like the next few days are going to follow suit as well. Let me explain.

This week’s adventures:

Floating, drinking and giggling at Lake Travis. A couple of my favorite girls and I
spent the day relaxing, sunbathing and chit-chatting. It felt and looked a little like paradise.

Water-Biking! A bike! For the water! Such a neat, scenic and exciting new experience. So glad to have lots of fun people like Shannon in my life who are just as adventure-hungry as me.

Wine-Down Wednesday. Live band,good wine, pretty views and a great friend. Good combination. I, being me, spilled wine on my white skirt and Amanda’s jeans before leaving. Feeling innovative and a bit desperate to hide the purple stains, I turned my shirt into a mini-dress. (Though I am known to occasionally do this even without wine spills.) We giggled and eventually made our way to the bathroom, where I realized that I also had wine in my shoe. Still laughing, Amanda mentioned that she couldn’t wait to read my blog on our fun-filled,wine-spilt evening. Thus came the inspiration for the blog title. We proceeded to explore downtown Austin and find a random swing, which we then,obviously, proceeded to swing on.

Isn’t my city beautiful? I often find myself feeling super lucky to live here. Even luckier that amazing friends are all part of my Austin package. And even a little bit luckier to take friends with me when leaving my lovely city for a bit. This brings me to my final adventure of the week….

Beach trip with girl friends tomorrow! (The bold font does not even begin to explain how excited I am.)

19 thoughts on ““I think there’s wine in my shoe.” and other adventures.

  1. Your fabulous life is as usual, looking pretty damn amazing! Now I know why – you live in Austin, which I keep hearing is THE place for young people in the US, along with Seattle. That wine concert sounds right up my alley, and is there anything better than day drinking in bikini by a body of water? NOPE!

  2. Ahhh how to I apply for your life. It is awesome. That water bike is great. Also, I think I need to go to that Lake Travis with my boyfriend, Travis!! That’s reason enough to take a vacay!

  3. That looks like SO much fun, I’m super jealous. I want to ride on a water bike, I’ve never seen one of those. Best part part about it is if you start to get sweaty you can just jump in the water and cool off. Love it!

  4. Omg I can’t believe you water biking! I went wake boarding last month and was actually wondering whether water bikes even exist- looks SO fun! Btw, to say I am kinda jealous of you now is an understatement ;)!

  5. Meg says:

    LOL “I spilled wine on my white skirt…I’ll just take it off and stretch my shirt into a dress!” such a simple solution that so few would think to do hahaha love it.

    I wanna go on that water bike! Looks so fun. I wish we had a lake travis here in MD. I liked it there when we went. Is it clean? I know i’ve been in it but I couldn’t tell. haha I also liked that little man made swimming hole thing we paid three bucks in quarters to get into =P with the people doing yoga.

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