The Pursuit Of Happiness

“She just wanted to stay out and go to a concert or go to a club or go to a play or play the jukebox or play pool or play charades or play an instrument or learn an instrument or learn a foreign language or apply for a Fulbright because….because…..Because why not? I was charmed and scared……Sophie’s lust for life scared the ever-loving shit out of me.”

I couldn’t help but giggle and doggy-ear the page of my newest read “My Lush Sobriety”Β  (By Sasha Z. Scoblic) because I feel like I am Sophie, and I’d be willing to bet that I do simultaneously charm/scare the ever-loving shit out of my friends sometimes. I’ve been told so in lesser words.

I honestly do want to do everything. More than that, I think that I need to do everything. It’s possible that I may have a serious addiction to life and it’s opportunities. (It’s an addiction that I don’t really mind having) Just this week, for example. This morning I took my first ever Zumba class (I believe I was the only white girl present and this was obvious by my dancing skills. Still, I was sweating and smiling and can’t wait to go back next week.) and volunteered at my local animal shelter later in the afternoon. (I’m in love with a couple of the dogs already and have to remind myself frequently how little bed space I have with just two canines and a husband.) After that, I set up an orientation to volunteer at a local children’s counseling center. (Exciting : 1. Because helping kids is something I’m passionate about and 2. As somebody who may want to pursue a future career in counseling, it’ll be amazing for a resume.) A day before that, I signed up for a meetup group which guides people wanting to learn conversational Spanish (I was reminded after reading the above quote about Sophie, that I too really want to be fluent in another language.) Florida is only a few weeks out now. I found out a few days ago that my best friend and I are definitely traveling to New York together this summer. (CAN’T WAIT!) I’ve set up a couple of other things for the coming up weeks that I’m super excited about, but those are surprises so I don’t jinx them or anything.

(Meet my new doggy friend.)

My husband lovingly told me the other day that I was crazy. I was telling him about one of my latest endeavors, and, with his calm and mild personality, I think he may have been a little confused. My lust for life probably scares the ever-loving shit out of him too. I’m not exactly sure why I have this appetite to do everything. Was I born with it? Does it stem from my sheltered childhood? Has college and adulthood brought on this fascination with wanting to do everything? I really don’t know, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This need I have to meet every person and try every new thing and drink coffee at every coffee shop and sip every wine and travel the world and befriend an enemy and smile at strangers and go on every adventure and learn everything I possibly can and then some? Well. These desires make me exceedingly happy. My best friend and I were in the car listening to one of her rap song c.d.’s the other day and she randomly told me, “This song makes me think of you.” I am really bad at interpreting rap music so I was already lost and quickly asked,“Why?!”Β  Best friend responded with,“Because. You’re always on the pursuit of happiness.” Turns out the rap song I couldn’t for the life of me understand was titled “The pursuit of happiness.” And this made me smile. Because my best friend completely understands me. Because pursuing happiness is what makes me a constantly,always happy girl. Because, on this pursuit, I am learning and living and gaining more experiences than I can probably even fathom at twenty-three years old. But I figure I’ll look back one day around 95 or so and think to myself, “Dude. That was the time of my life.” And I plan on making the time of my life, and all of the adventures and joys that come with it, last as many decades as I possibly can.

17 thoughts on “The Pursuit Of Happiness

  1. Tessa says:

    It really does remind me of you. I love your lust for life. It’s contagious and mix it with my crush on life we have a good thing going on. LOVE you!!!!

  2. I did a free outdoor Zumba class once, it was so awesome to see so many different women of different body shapes sizes and colors letting loose in the middle of manhattan!

    Your lust for life is great, don’t ever lose it!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that you are so ready to experience life! I feel that way too however I am not good with breaking routines, so sometimes when I have a LOT of plans (because I too want to do it ALL), I get stressed. I’ve been working on trying to balance and do all I can and experience all I want but also stay aware at the same time of when it’s fun and when it ends up stressing me out to rush from thing to thing or break my norm too often. Still, breaking the norm is good to help us grow! If you are having no stresses over all these amazing things you’re doing, then more power to ya!

    • Such a true comment….Balancing is so hard for me too! I usually have to work on it more during the school semester when I’m working/going to school/doing extracurricular/fun stuff, etc. Right now I’m only working three days a week though, so it gives me waaayyy more extra time than I’m used to. Thus, it’s the perfect time to try everything I can possibly get my hands on. Yay! πŸ˜›

  4. Fabulous! And oh, I tried volunteering at a shelter but had to quit, I knew I’d have taken five dogs home with me by the end of the week if not. And I really don’t want a dog (which is something I tend to forget when around cute animals). Way to grab life and go for it all!

    • Hahaha yeah, yesterday was my first time to volunteer….I walked two dogs and wanted them both by the end of it! Luckily my husband doesn’t volunteer, so he doesn’t see them and want a new dog. Or I’d be the crazy dog lady. πŸ˜‰

  5. I love your attitude on life, it’s why I continue to read your blog!! You always inspire me and make me smile!! No one can hold you back and you have SO much time to do whatever you want!! Don’t ever stop!

  6. Girl! I love that you love life so much! You are all over the board with your passions and I think that’s fabulous! Fair warning, though… volunteering at an animal shelter is how we ended up with Oreo. πŸ˜‰ And every time I bring another dog home Christopher gives me the “this-dog-is-not-staying” talk, hehe! He loves Oreo, but he is a one-dog-kinda-guy (well, so far! I am working on him ;)). I just want to adopt all things that need a home! Anyway, working with kids is so great too! I love my girls that I work with – they are the BEST! They make me feel old sometimes (a comment about one of the 16 year olds being in FOURTH GRADE while I was in college nearly gave me a heart attack last night…), but other than that they are fabulous. Anywho, long comment just to say that I love that you love life! πŸ™‚

    • Aww,thanks for the sweet comment πŸ™‚ I know the feeling (the old feeling :P) My mom used to teach preschool and I got to know a lot of the little ones…..they’re in HIGH-SCHOOL now. Time goes way too fast!
      Good luck on getting your hubby to be a two dog guy πŸ˜›

  7. Zumba is amazing! Glad you enjoyed it, and you’re right – the more I read this blog the more amazed I am at your enthusiasm and sheer energy!!

      • I write, cuz its the easiest way to feel Yay!! Now I’m kinda soterd!! I write, cuz that’s one of the ways, I listen to myselfI write, cuz it makes me feel beautifulI write, cuz that’s when divine power converses with meI write, cuz it makes me feel like a free birdI write, cuz it makes me high without having to drinkI write, cuz who knows, what sense I make to a strangerI write, cuz that’s my vibe lingering around in the worldI write, cuz I want toI write cuz I luv toI write cuz that’s enough proof that I’m alive n ticking -from withinI write cuz that’s when I sense an alignment with my true selfCheersShraddhaPS- Luvd ur post Cris! Also luvd ur question!! Answering ur questions here, make me feel connected n ecstatic!! Thx again

    • WOUW that sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you ll have a wouderfnl time, and I ll look forward to see a lot more pics from you later, but just concentrate of having fun now the next couple of days and don t overspend too much ha ha ha.

  8. I enjoy your lust for life. I’m fond of telling people, “Life is nothing but an accumulation of experiences – so grab all of them that you can!”
    I also admire that you volunteered at an animal shelter. I get too sad about not being able to save all the animals, so I tend to keep my animal shelter support to $$ only.
    Are you still studying sign? Don’t for that counts as foreign language too!

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