Can I stay twenty-three forever, please?

It’s been another lovely weekend. Let me show you:

The two-year old twins I nanny. It’s not hard to see why I love my job. I mean, I get paid to look at these faces.

Date night with the husband. Blackened catfish gumbo from French Quarter Grille that melted in my mouth. Succulent crawfish beignets. Orgasmic croissant bread pudding. Robby gets awesome deals on local restaurants from a work website; Thus, I ended up buying a four dollar coupon which saved us 25 dollars on a 50 dollar meal. Portions were so big that I ate the meal for lunch and dinner the next day, and lunch again the day after that.

Lookit how damn cute he is. I get to cuddle with him every night!

Lake with girl-friends.

I tried my hand at archery for the first time last night. It could have gone better. By that I mean that most of the dudes at the party may have ran inside in fear for their life and my arrow may have flew a whole three feet before it fell to the ground. But it was a fun,new experience and nobody died!

This is the pretty girly I partied with last night. She’s my best high-school friend and was also maybe my first (very innocent!) kiss. Seeing her usually instantly makes me feel seventeen again. (On that note, it scares the crap out of me that seventeen was SIX years ago. I’M GETTING SO OLD!)

In conclusion…life is fun, I am happy, my husband is sexy, my friends are awesome and I’d like to stay twenty-three forever, please.

25 thoughts on “Can I stay twenty-three forever, please?

  1. Tessa says:

    I wish I could stay 23 a little bit longer too.
    24 sounds old, but like my family members comforted me with this past weekend…”you’re still young and have so much time to do what you want”. πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you’re still having a fantastic time girly! The twins you nanny are absolutely adorable, I wouldn’t mind that job πŸ™‚ Your date night sounds brilliant too, I love that you got so many meals from it haha. Glad you’re having so much fun πŸ™‚

    • Excellent read, we only upheld this onto the crony who was we do a lttile investigate upon that. And he essentially paid for me lunch given we found it for him grin So let me paraphrase that: Thank we for lunch! Creativity comes from fervour to do something, in all it is to have a lttile money. by B. J. Gupta.

  3. Um. Shooting an arrow: left arm straight out, holding the bow; string pulled to the center of your ear with the center three fingers of the right hand. The arrow should be straight and level, tip directed at the target.

    I’m just a little worried about that photo of you with the bow. People have shot themselves holding a bow and arrow incorrectly, and I wish someone had helped you with that.

  4. Wine on a playground? Fun!! Possibly dangerous fun hahah. That catfish sounds amazing and so does the bread pudding. Love the outdoor summer fun you’re having!

  5. Meh on the archery… if you do it correctly, it bruises the hell out of your forearm.
    Your hubby really is adorable.
    I still recommend 26 over 23… but maybe that was just me.

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