Etsy Photo Shoot 2012

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to find a new hobby. I’ve fulfilled this goal and surprised myself a little bit by finding a lot of joy in the form of amateur modeling. I had my first photo shoot last month, followed by two more this last Saturday. The first of the day was done with Pinktography, whom I also did my first photo shoot with a few weeks back. This time we stepped it up a notch. She picked beautiful locations (Barton Springs and Zilker Botanical Garden. So gorgeous.), as opposed to our first shoot at my local park. I also brought multiple outfits and tried different poses and looks. The second of the day was modeling jewelry and hair pieces for an Etsy seller. This was super neat as I got paid in jewelry. Not a bad gig. I really enjoy this modeling thing for a few reasons. I like that I have a blast doing it. I like that it takes me out of my comfort zone and gives me butterflies. I like that I’m helping to create somebody else’s artwork. I love that others want me to help them create artwork. I like pushing myself and becoming confident in new ways. (Example: My signature pose is a big smile. It’s hard breaking that habit. Makes it easier with compliments and guidance from sweet photographers.) I adore meeting and interacting with fun people who teach me new things. (For example: Pinktography’s firecracker of a mom came to the photo shoot as her assistant on Saturday. She told me to make a more serious face ((back to my smiling issue)), and when I did, she noted to her daughter what sex appeal the contours of my face give me. Contours. Huh.) And if you know me, you know I’m kind of a little picture obsessed. I document everything by way of photos, and I love knowing that I’ll have all of these to look back on.

Some favorites from the Etsy photo shoot (Pinktography ones coming soon!)

(Photo Credit: Andrew Stevens Photography)

I’ve mentioned before that jewelry usually has to be special to me for me to want to wear it. Of the jewelry I picked out as compensation on Saturday, a little ring with my birthstone has already earned it’s place. It’s a symbol to me of being twenty-three, trying new things and capturing the moment. It’s a reminder to keep on doing things that scare me and to continue living life to the fullest. There’s just too many treasures worth finding and moments to be shining to ever live life any other way.

25 thoughts on “Etsy Photo Shoot 2012

  1. I find it interesting, that these photo shoots take you out of your comfort zone. In all the pictures I’ve seen you in so far you seem very confident and comfortable in front of the camera. The pictures are, naturally, gorgeous 🙂

    • haha, well thank-you! i think i usually am but nixing smiling and not having my own camera throws me off a bit! after the third time i’m feeling much more comfortable though 😀 (three times a charm, i hear :P)

  2. Tessa says:

    Soooooo BEAUTIFUL!
    My favorites: The first, the one w/ the bow ring and the last one (black and white).
    You’re stunning, lady-love. Naturally so.

  3. I looove the first one! SO pretty! You look like a princess in a fairytale movie remake. I also really like the last two.
    Amateur modelling is fun! And you get paid in PICTURES. My favourite pictures are the ones taken during my little modelling stint when I was in university. I wish they could pass for me now, but there is a difference of a couple feet of hair. Lol. Keep it up!

  4. I glanced at the first picture and wondered what person you were going to be blogging about–you look SO different in that picture from your others! But equally lovely, of course. Glad you’re doing more with modeling, it sounds like so much fun! And I’d totally take payment in jewelry as well.

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