Busy, Funny, Crazy, Lovely Life.

Life is treating me nicely, and keeping me busy with adventures,opportunities and loved ones. A few updates:

  • Pictured above is the jewelry I got paid with for a photo-shoot  I did last week. I was given a big treasure-like box of things to choose from, and was excitedly overwhelmed with all of the eccentric, fun choices. I rarely wear jewelry, (other than a few special pieces that never come off) but I figure this is a pretty good reason to start.
  • I’m Florida-bound with my hubby and wonderful in-laws in a week and a half! I’m starting to get that anticipatory excitement of a new state, early mornings, coffee at airports and adventures soon to come.
  • A group of girl-friends and I went downtown this past weekend. What followed was one hell of a good time. Favorite/Most Amusing moments of the night: Bar-hopping. Dancing to Miley Cyrus with my best girl friend. Chatting with a dude from Chicago who had the cheesiest lines of any man I’ve ever spoken to (I told him as much.) Convincing said nice but cheesy dude to give out free shots to my girls and I. Emily later telling me on our way to take a potty break, “Christina, everybody loves you…..like literally, everybody loves you!” Our group being collectively hit on by one huge out-of-state bachelor party (I swear, dudes from the same enormous bachelor party were at every bar we went to.) One guy failing miserably at a pick-up line by telling Priscilla and I it looked like we didn’t eat much. (Um…Thank-you?!) Dancing and sticking our hands out the windows and giggling like crazy on the car-ride back home. Priscilla being our sober but fun D.D. Feeling young and alive and blessed to have such amazing ladies in my life.
  • The husband and I have been visiting my parents once every other week or so. This makes me happy, partly because my three-year old sister and I are finally starting to bond.  I had already moved in with Robby by the time she was born, and she’s naturally a soft-spoken little one. (Her personality is much like my 20-year-old brother’s, as opposed to my six-year-old brother who is just like me. He never shuts up.) She’s always been really shy around me, but lately has turned into a very adorable blabber-mouth. Despite her introspective personality and my extroverted one, there is something else that we have in common. Freakishly so. Looking at her is like a blast from the past. Ahem:
  • I have a mini-me! It’s kind of trippy sometimes. It’s almost like I’m spending time with myself as a young child. A sweeter, much quieter version of myself.

  • I had my orientation to become a volunteer Play Leader at Austin Child’s Guidance Center on Tuesday. I’ll be there weekly, interacting and communicating with both the kids and their therapists. Considering I may want to be a counselor one day, this is exciting stuff for me. I get to help out, gain experience and add a new, neat thing to my growing resume.

  • My sweet hubby came home with flowers for me the other day. They’re gorgeous and live a long time, but for some reason I think they smell like hot dogs with extra relish. I guess that’s not a bad thing though. Our kitchen always smells like food, even on nights I don’t cook. The odor of domesticity is always present!
  • Speaking of my husband. Robby is endearingly sweet in that he really does try so hard for me. He listens really well and attempts to fix his bad habits that bother me. One of these habits is that he rarely cleans up his dirty clothes or dishes. Well. Yesterday he came home for lunch and I went for a run. When I came back,he had gone back to work and the plate he had used was nowhere in sight. I laughed to myself and my heart overflowed with love for him and his honest effort. He put up his plate but unknowingly left out everything else he had used in the past twenty minutes. I had to tease him a little bit:

I could picture his big smile during this text conversation. I adore him. And our married life together. And life in general.

17 thoughts on “Busy, Funny, Crazy, Lovely Life.

  1. Tessa says:

    “Christina, get us free drinks. You know you can do it” And you sure as hell did. Get it gurrrll.
    Kaylee is so adorable…I’ve met her maybe 3 times, but she seems to be the sweetest thing ever. I’m glad you’re starting to bond with each other. 🙂
    Congrats on the Volunteering gig btw! You’ll have to tell me more about it once you start.
    HAVE FUN IN FLORIDA!! I’ll definitely come Saturday so I can see you before you get your face eaten off. I know that shit gets annoying, but you and Robby best be on guard while you’re down there. Relaxing, but on guard!

    • haha you’re crazy and adorable and i love you 😛 i promise to not get my face eaten off or something. 😛
      and yes, we should have a play date with kaylee sometime. perhaps give her her first booze (kidding!!!)

  2. Oh wow, your sister DOES look just like you used to! So cute!

    Also, Christopher does the exact same thing!! It always cracks me up! He tries so hard to clean up after himself because he knows I like things tidy, but then he leaves half of the things out. Ah, so cute! Love it. 🙂

      • I may be kicking msylef out of this challenge until I learn a whole lot more about Facebook’s privacy policy.I know I need a social media platform if I ever want to be published, and I know I need to brand msylef.For personal reasons, can I set up everything under a “permanent” pseudonym?

    • , Ha ha ha! , and when Episcopalianism comes up, God says, Hee hee hee! His tombstone, in the shape of a piymard, will be dedicated next month I hope to be there (it is in the family plot of my remaining friend, in a Catholic cemetery) inscribed on it are lines from one of the Hindu scriptures: From foolishness lead me to holinessFrom the unreal lead me to the realFrom darkness lead me to lightFrom death, lead me to immortality

  3. you think stargazer lilys smell like hot dogs w/mustard? that’s a new one! you can pull off the pollen pods to reduce the smell (also smart to do because the pollen stains)

  4. So many exciting things happening, so much to look forward to – life seems good for you at the moment! 🙂 Your sister is adorable, you look so alike it’s crazy! You look gorgeous in that blue dress, it really suits you. I’m sure I’d love you if I met you, and I’d definitely buy you drinks 😉

    Your text conversation with Robby made me laugh, I love that you tease each other as much as Tom and I do! Your volunteering job sounds amazing, I hope it goes really well 🙂

  5. Harry, everytime I look at these pohtos I feel butterflies in my stomach over the excitement you captured during this time in our lives. We felt so comfortable with you and appreciated your creativity in every shot. I cannot wait to preserve all the maternity pohtos and newborn pohtos into one big album. We will definitely be working with you again and again.

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