Florida Highlights 2012

I had the most wonderful week spent in Destin,Florida with my husband and in-laws. I wish I could perfectly describe to you the beauty of the sun-setting on crystal-clear water. Or the serenity of lying on the beach, soaking up the sun with people that I love. Or the joy of waking up early with the husband, eating our hotel breakfast & anticipating all of the fun that was to come that day. Or the contentedness of walking along the Harbor Walk, simultaneously listening to live music, glancing at a happy puppy and feeling the breeze in my hair. Or the quiet happiness of playing a game with my nephew, or cuddling with my niece, or ordering a fruity drink, or grocery shopping with my mother and sister-in-law, or eating a home-cooked shrimp meal. Or the gratefulness I felt when I mentioned that a restaurant was pricey and my dad-in-law replied, “You payin’?! Don’t worry about it. Order what you want.” Or the love I felt for my husband when he would throw me into the ocean waves, or walk hand-in-hand with me as we explored, or even just look at me a certain way. Or the adoration that Robby has for his parents, that his parents have for us and that Robby’s parents, after 40 years, still clearly have for one another. Or the relief of finding that, despite the weather man’s predictions, it was actually going to be sunny all week. (The horrible thunderstorms all over Florida somehow completely missed Destin.) But since I don’t think my words could begin to do any of this justice, here are some highlights instead.

Florida Highlights 2012:

  • Sailing on a pirate ship. That served free alcohol. Fun for all ages!
  • Playing on the beach.

  • Holding a live alligator

(Husband doesn’t like creepy, crawly things. Growing up, my brother brought a new creature home every week, so they don’t really faze me. I offered to hold the head and husband rather reluctantly held the tail. Alligators are much smoother and softer than I expected. A neat and only slightly creepy new experience.)

  • Simultaneously holding and learning about a sea-cucumber. They’re squishy! And alive! And they live in the ocean, not the sea!

  • Exploring the Harbor Walk
  • Bonding with my adorable niece, Emma.

  • Finding that my hair, which usually refuses to be styled, turns into soft curls after being soaked in Florida ocean water.
  • Being molested by a parrot.

(Again, husband isn’t a big fan of random critters. So he took one parrot and I took about a handful. It was a new adventure having parrots all over the upper half of my body. They were simultaneously talking to me while pooping on me while also feeling me up with a beak. The green bird, as you can see, got especially frisky.)

  • Food and drinks (The seafood and soup in Destin were indescribably delicious) :

  • Spending time with my amazing family.
  • I couldn’t ask for a better second family or a more perfect week spent with them in Destin,Florida. In my mind, the entire time spent there is covered in a perfect,magical kind of glow. I’ve returned home with a nice tan, new adventures under my belt, and more wonderful memories than I could possibly count. I’m a happy,lucky girl. Even if I was groped by a parrot.

23 thoughts on “Florida Highlights 2012

  1. you are GLOWING woman. FL was good to you! and your hair looks gorgeous and beachy. I LOVE BEACH HAIR. your outfits are all so cute too. i totally have been on a pirate cruise like that as a kid. my dad was pleased about the booze but was bummed when he found out it was just busch light haha

  2. Meg says:

    You look so beautiful!

    I think it’s funny that Robby is the one that doesn’t like critter because he looks so relaxed and has the same smile he has in every other photo and you look a little freaked lol! Maybe because you have 4 parrots to his one and an alligator head to his alligator tail =P

    Isn’t it awesome getting a little niece out of the whole getting married deal?! I always thought that’d be so awesome. Especially after hanging out with Hayden’s niece Claire, who I LOVEE. she’s adorable. 🙂

  3. Sweeeet! Glad you had fun in Florida. I don’t see why you couldn’t hop on over to Nassau since you were so close, but FINE. FINE! I’ll get over it someday. *walks away crying*

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