So Many Reasons To Smile

Life is good to me.

Smile-Inducers lately:

  • Slip-N-Slide!
  • Last weekend, Priscilla brought over fancy paint and canvases for us to play with as we drank wine. A perfect girl’s night. Mine is the one that looks as if it was painted by a 5 year old. Who drinks wine. A five year old wine-o.
  • I have another photo-shoot planned for this weekend.The last one I did was for a lady selling her jewelry on Etsy. She hired a photographer to take pictures of girls (like me!) wearing her items. That photographer liked me enough to email me later and ask if I’d be interested in doing a photo shoot with him in a studio. Doors are opening or something.

  • I’m training for a half-marathon! I’m slowly but surely making work-outs longer and building my endurance. Today I went to a nearby track and lost count of how many laps I ran. I stopped when I felt like I was about to die,which I figured was as good a time as any.
  • Tuesday, I completed my second week of volunteering at my local child’s counseling center. Shortly after I signed in, a mom walked in with her kid and asked her, “Who’s the Play Leader today?” She read my name tag and proceeded,”Oh,It’s Christina!” My heart swelled with pride a little bit. I’m a Play Leader at Austin’s Child’s Guidance Center. It’s already proving to be rewarding and fun and challenging and awesome.
  • Husband and I had a little July 4th BBQ at our house yesterday. This is where the slip-n-slide came from,which also accounts for the rather large wet spot on my boob.

I look kind of July 4th-y? Except instead of Red,White and Blue….Pink,White and Blue! Close enough.

  • Rooftop with husband and friends to admire fireworks.Fun and romantic and kind of exciting. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of doing this before the husband suggested it. I need to learn to fully reap the benefits of being a house-owner,dammit!
  • Robby’s face (below) makes me giggle.
  • The people in my life are really amazing and tend to be really good to me. My friend Jennifer recently invited me on a trip to the spa. The best part? It’s completely free! I’ve been thinking lately how much I would enjoy a relaxing day at a spa but wouldn’t be able to afford it. Then Jennifer goes off and hands me a free invite to the spa. I’m sometimes flabbergasted by how lucky/blessed/spoiled I am.
  • See what I mean? So many reasons to smile.

13 thoughts on “So Many Reasons To Smile

    • That is a lot of work, gal. If you were getting paid for being an attniisdramor I would give you a raise. We would all give you a raise.I thought last month was the one year anniversary. I even made a post on my blog. I know it is easy to forget what day it is sometimes but the month? At least I know what year it is. I think.Thanks to all the FSO members. I am so proud of everyone.

  1. I love combining painting and wine drinking! Plus then you can always blame the artistic outcome on the wine ;D Glad you’re enjoying it all–pretty much entirely jealous of your slip n slide adventures.

  2. Wow you have so many reasons to smile!! πŸ™‚ I love that you were playing on a Slip-N-Slide haha. I hope the photo shoot goes well, I’m sure you’ll be fabulous! Good luck with the half-marathon training – I’m so impressed!

    I just love the sound of your voluntary work, it must be such a wonderful thing to so. I love my job of working with children, it’s so fulfilling πŸ™‚

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