Dogs and Needles and Hospital Visits, Oh My!

Have you met my dogs?

They, plus the husband and I, complete our dysfunctional little family. Their names are Conney and Obi. Obi (Named after the Star Wars character by my sci-fi obsessed husband) is a three-year old (ish) dachshund mix. He’s my baby but loves Robby much more than me. Even though I brought him home. Psh. Conney is a seven-year old (ish) Australian Cattle Dog mix. She was around long before my time. In fact, I met her at a party the same night I met Robby. (He’s one of those dog-owners.) Conney and I both hated each other when we first met. She wasn’t used to sharing Robby and was a jealous bitch. (Literally.) I didn’t like that she got to sleep in the middle of the bed. So fine, maybe I was a little jealous at first too. But over the years and once she realized I wasn’t going anywhere, we have developed a mutual love/hate relationship that continues to grow in love and lessen in hate. We’re good friends now. (I frequently tell her, “Conney, we are good friends.”, in case she doesn’t realize.) She gets really excited and tucks her ears in and gives me high-fives when I come home. I comfort her when she’s scared of thunderstorms. I have even lovingly created nicknames for her such as “Stupid Whore” and “Slutty Slut.”  I make sure to say them in a high-pitched tone of voice so that she knows I mean them endearingly. She wags her tail in response, so I figure she knows.

Despite our now pleasant relationship, I briefly considered murdering her last week. Breaking up a fight over a bone between her and Obi, my husband was bitten by Conney. Two days later his hand was red,swollen and he was in a tremendous amount of pain. He went to a minute-clinic (We have great insurance but have yet to seek out a doctor.) and they told him he needed to go to the emergency room. So Friday night, off we went to our local emergency room. His hand was infected enough for them to put him on an I.V. drip. They also took his blood and gave him a tetanus shot. (Precautionary, as Conney is up to date on her shots.) I noted to Robby that his dude nurse was quite nice eye-candy. He responded with a laugh and a smiling “F*** you!” Everything was fine for a while, even though I don’t do well with needles. I’ve passed out the last two times I’ve had blood drawn. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating this is for me. I’m both a fear-facer & a control-freak; The fact that my body won’t physically let me conquer this fear makes me really mad. So despite my husband telling me that I could leave the room if I wanted, I stayed. I wanted to be there for him and I felt only slightly off-kilter for a while. But something, either the shot or all the blood-drawn, had a negative effect on Robby. He started sweating profusely and shaking and looking incredibly ill. He asked me to fan him with my book. I did. He stated that he really needed water. I noticed then that I had an extreme desire for water as well. I then started feeling everything he was feeling and began really needing fresh air. I walked out of the room, and that is when I knew. I told the receptionists, “I think I’m going to pass out.”  Next thing I know, I am waking up from a dream and am surrounded by nurses and doctors. I am also lying on the floor. This bothers me. Why am I not in my bed?! I quickly remember and would really like to crawl into a hole. They want to check me into the emergency room and seem to believe that I hit my head on the hard floor. I won’t believe this until the next day when I find that the back of my head is really sore, and stubbornly refuse to be checked in. (I mean, a doctor wants to put ME on an I.V….I just passed out from seeing a reaction to needles. How could this possibly be a good idea?!) Still, I am placed on a cot and sent to a separate room. I overhear one doctor diagnosing me with a “Severe Needle-Phobia.”  Well. I’m glad there’s an actual term for my insanity. Normal people go to the hospital to get better. I apparently go to the hospital to get injured. Sigh.

The upside to all of this? Eye-candy nurse brought me two cans of apple-juice.

So I guess I forgive Slutty Slut…er…I mean…Conney.

19 thoughts on “Dogs and Needles and Hospital Visits, Oh My!

  1. Meg says:

    OMGGG is robby okay? Do you have a concussion? you should not run today because signs of a concussion often don’t show up until 24 hours later and you need to rest!

    This is kind of funny though now that everyone’s fine haha. Very good that you guys went to the clinic! a lot of people make the mistkae of ignoring really bad pain in a cut but it isn’t supposed to hurt that bad and if it does that means it’s probably infected so when people ignore it they end up like, dying and losing limbs haha so i’m REALLY glad Robby is okay!

    Also I know you probably get secretly annoyed when I say this because I would pretned to laugh it off but inside be protective and slightly offended but I COnney is a bitch! I know she’s really possessive and loves robby but I do’nt like that she bites people lol. I don’t think we will every be good friends =P I LOVE OBI THOUGH!

    LOVE YOUU and you’re crazy. hahahaa

      • I used to LOATHE Kurt, but I have to admit it . he has grown on me TREMENDOUSLY. This woman has done WONDERS for him. And I am sure getting dupemd by Penske was a huge wake-up call as well. I really like the guy. He has talent. He has fire. He has spunk. He has a tude, yes, but he CAN have one. He has a Cup title. The man can wheel a racecar. He needs to realize how lucky he is to be able to do something he LOVES to do. And quit acting like a feminine hygiene liquid.

  2. Is it bad that I found your ER story hilarious? I mean, considering that all parties involved are okay, that is. Let’s solve this needle problem with needles! Great idea. I passed out the last time I had to get a needle stuck in me, but promptly and clearly stated “I’m passing out now” before doing so. The nurse was laughing at me when I woke up, which sort of helped and sort of didn’t.

    • lol I’m glad you find it hilarious….I didn’t at the time, but now I definitely do too haha. “I think I’m going to pass out now.” HAHA. Love that. I always state the fact that I’m about to be unconscious matter-of-factly….no one ever seems to believe me until I actually pass out. I think I sound too calm. Maybe I should panic beforehand next time. 😛

      • That must be a quality of us experienced passer-outers, the ability to calmly state what’s about to happen, then just do it, much to the disbelief of everyone else 🙂

    • I’ll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle Ajax Can you count suakcs?, Can you dig it? Cyrus Why don’t you just tie a mattress to your back? Swan FUCK The chicks are packed! The chicks are packed! Rembrandt Warriors, come out to plaaaayyehhh Luthery una frase del video juego. talvez algunos lo hayan jugado algunos no pero bueno paso a explicar y espero que comenten sobre esto asi se que lo leyeron, en el juego ( se juega 3 meses antes de la reunion y despues la pelicual) aparece un personaje llamado Chaterbox lider de los hi-hats que es tartamudo, cuando hay que pelear luego con el dice you are sooo fuckk waaaarriors and yoou gooo.. entonces ajax lo interrupme dicendo hey why don t you shut your fuuuuking mouth up so we can finish with this?traduccion: hey por que no cierras tu maldiiiiita boca pra que podamos terminar con esto jaja xD beuno nada mas adios

  3. Yeah, I kinda found this post funny too. But I kept scolding myself for it. Hahaha.
    Glad you’re both okay!
    Needle-phobia. Crazy! I used to haaate needles. My severe iron-deficiency seems to have cured me of that. I had to have tests every couple of months, and lots of iron shots, so now I can remain calm. As long as they do NOT, under ANY circumstances, let me see the needle. And I can’t watch anyone else get a needle. I can’t even stand when they use needles to give meds through an IV. I can’t take it!

  4. Tessa says:

    haha You made an awful situation quite amusing. I love it. Glad you and Robby are okay, btw! Jesus…had no idea you or him had been to the ER. If either of you had died (don’t tell me it was JUST an infection) I would’ve been pissed and then, of course, sad. Keep this antisocial friend updated. 😛

  5. Oh my goodness! That’s horrible! I’m glad you guys are both okay, though! And hey, you’re not the only one who has had this happen to them. Christopher passed out watching me get a shot a couple of years ago (I was having surgery done and he was in the room). I still tease him about it, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve done the same thing if our roles had been switched, haha!

  6. Is Robby okay? What turned out to be wrong with him?
    Do you look away when they draw blood? Most people can stay upright if they simply don’t look at the needle or what’s going on.

  7. I used to listen to WERS in Boston every mnoring on my way to work years ago now. I loved listening to all the amazing artists on their mnoring Coffeehouse show but you were the best I had ever heard. I remain your devoted fan, even now when I’m a stay at home mom living in Maine. Keep singing those angelic songs of yours they are so very inspirational! (Incidentally, I listen to the Portsmouth station all the time now that I live right down the street! What a wonderful set of songs.)

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