This Modeling Thing

My goodness, I am so backlogged on blogging. There are so many good things going on in my life right now, so many reasons I’m inspired, so many people in my life who amaze me, so many things I want to share and talk about. I have been in a constant state of grateful,wide-eyed amazement lately. But being that I’m currently so busy living all of this great stuff, IΒ haven’t had time to jot it all down yet. I’ll get there. I figured until then, I’ll share what will probably take the fewest amount of time. Pictures! I’ve had two photo-shoots in the past month with two different and very talented photographers; I continue to fall more and more in love with this modeling thing. Last weekend, I had my first in-studio session and my photographer dude turned me onto a modeling site to start a portfolio. I have a model friend who told me about the same site when she first saw some of my photos, so I figured I’d give it a go. I was accepted onto the site last night and already have about a handful of photographers wanting to work with me, and one that could potentially pay. I mean…Shit. Wow. These are the intelligent kind of words flooding my mind lately. I’m sort of overwhelmed. But in a really good way. Andrew, my photographer buddy, text-messaged me today to say, “Hey, I saw you on (Site he referred me to.) Yay you! Remember me when you’re in the big leagues.” He’s sweet.

Here’s some of my latest pictures,y’all:

(All photos not labeled “Pinktography” are photo credit Andrew Stevens Photography.)

16 thoughts on “This Modeling Thing

  1. I like the water one the most!
    Interesting that it’s still July 13 in all of the US but this post displayed with “JULY 14” as the publication date.

    • thank-you! πŸ™‚ that one was a very in the moment, “oh shit,it’s cold” photo, so it’s one of my favorites too haha. and yeah, the time on my wordpress is all sorts of messed up. i need to fix it one of these days….

  2. The ones where you wrinkle your nose (like #2) are too cute! #3 TOTALLY looks like it came from a magazine of 40 years ago or something. The water one is cooool! You go, girl! I’ll post one of my oldies some time this week.

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