Doing It All, One Neurotically Excited Blog At A Time.

A friend texted me the other day and asked, “Don’t you ever stay home and relax?”  I told her I didn’t think I knew how to. This is partly true. But I also think that I am the most content, and therefore the most relaxed, when I’m busy. Does that make sense at all? What I’m trying to say is that…as crazy and hectic as life has been recently, it’s this really exciting, inspiring kind of crazy and hectic. I occasionally would like to scream or fall asleep while standing, but I mostly love it.

There’s, of course, work and the husband and the house and the social life (That one, truth be told, I’ve really been neglecting lately…) to tend to. I’ve also been able to read some good books and try different wines and cook new meals lately. (Those things qualify as relaxation. Right? Though I will admit I am trying to simultaneously blog/not burn dinner right now.) Then there’s everything else. A few weeks back I got back from my Florida vacation. (Also relaxation!) This last weekend was my half-marathon. Tuesdays I volunteer at my local counseling center. This weekend I’m meeting up with a dude friend to discuss a project we’re working on and then going on a mini-vacation/lake-trip with my family. The weekend after that I have two photo-shoots planned, one with a photographer I’ve never worked with before. (Nervous/Excited!) The weekend after that, I’m traveling to Maryland to see my best friend. From there, we’re planning on running an 8k and traveling to New York together.

A couple of weeks after this, school starts up again. I’ll be finishing up my last couple of semesters, probably delving into extracurriculars like I always do, and it looks like I’ll also have the pleasure of writing for my university’s magazine. I mentioned last month that an article I wrote was published in a local newspaper? Unbeknownst to me, my article was apparently published in not one, but two different newspapers. I sent it in to two, but had no idea and would never have expected it to be published in both. Hell, I was surprised and ecstatic about being published in one. The reason I happened to find out that I made it into both was an email I received, which was also forwarded to other communication professors (one being my favorite prof!), from the Director of Communications at my university. It read:

“A very nice story written by communications student Christina Boudreaux was shared with me today-because of its reference to Concordia, mostly, but I found it to be well done and wanted to share it with you.  Well done, Christina.  I enjoyed the read.  If you’re interested in being a guest writer for CTX Magazine some time, I’d welcome your contribution.”

 I haven’t been able to fully comprehend all of the good things happening to me lately. Now that I’m actually writing some of them down, I’m staring at the screen and blinking a lot. My life has been one giant blur of awesome lately. It’s just a lot to take in. I’m not good at that. I’m good at going and doing things but not at taking them in. Because taking in requires me to slow down. Also, I’m twenty-three and really unorganized and I’m drinking wine right now. Can I use those things as reasons why so much is dawning on me all at once right now? Um. I’m trying out modeling and being published in newspapers and volunteering at a place I love and running half-marathons and traveling a bunch and graduating soon and getting really nice email offers and making dreams come true and living the life I really want to and…and…. GUYS, OH MY GOSH, I’M KIND-OF REALLY GIDDY SO I’M SCREAMING AT YOU NOW.

That’s the good thing I always forget about relaxation. It gives you the ability to slowly reflect on things. As opposed to virtually screaming at your blog readers out of a ridiculous amount of childlike excitement. My sincerest apologies, y’all.

Ps:I didn’t burn dinner! Because I know you were all on the edge of your seats wondering about that one.

22 thoughts on “Doing It All, One Neurotically Excited Blog At A Time.

  1. HAhahahaha. Love it. Rock onnnnn with the happiness!
    I know EXACTLY what you mean about being super busy = being content and relaxed. That was my life in university. I wish it was still my life, but things don’t work that way in Nassau when you don’t have a freaking car. Public transit is a nightmare, so I’m doing the uncomfortable, not-so-busy thing until we can mooove. 🙂
    Woot, woot! Look at you getting all published and stuff, and invited to write for your school mag. COOL!

  2. I know what you mean about being busy! Maybe not the the extent of your life (you have a lot going on and I really admire how you keep up and just have fun with it all!!) but I dislike being “stagnant” in life too!!

  3. Love that you go after you want. Too many people, me included, complain where they’re at and don’t do anything about it. You are beautiful and driven and it inspires me. So glad you’re my friend

  4. Ahh! You go girl! You are so stellar! Congrats on being published in two places! And girl, I hear ya on the keeping busy thing. I actually have to schedule in time to make sure that I relax because otherwise we will go-go-go and never take a break, haha!

      • I know this if off topic but I’m looking into stirtang my own blog and was curious what all is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate it

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