On (Really Amazing) Relationships

I have really swell people in my life.

I’ve been missing a lot of these really swell people as of lately. Life has been keeping me busy and I’m not the best at time-management. All of this crazy-good stuff keeps happening and I’ve been happily and completely entangled with everything for months now. But it doesn’t take long for me to start having these pangs when I’m away from loved ones for too long. I’ve finally been able to play a little bit of catch up lately–Seeing some of my favorite people makes me wonder how I ever survived going so long without seeing them in the first place. It also makes me feel like the luckiest, most loved girl on the planet.

Moments that make me feel this way:

  • Reuniting with friend Hannah after months of her residing in a different country. Being cast in a school play last semester gave me the chance to meet a few people who changed my life with their awesomeness. She’s one of those people. I might have squealed a little when I saw her again.
  • Saturday night, my friend Priscilla arrived at a party I hosted and told me,  “I have something for you!” Inside a plastic bag she brought were almost three dozen homemade cupcakes. She also pulled out two different flavors of icing to choose from. They were delicious and a huge hit that night. Having a baker friend who makes me just-because cupcakes makes both my stomach and heart very happy.
  • A sweet blog comment from best friend Tessa that read, “You are beautiful and driven and it inspires me. So glad you’re my friend”  I may or may not have teared up a little upon reading.
  • My bestest friend Meg and I buying our bus tickets from Maryland to New York over the phone together. I’ll be at her house in Maryland on Saturday and on a bus with her to New York on Tuesday. We’re in the works of making a list of all the things we’ll do together in the Big Apple. My best friend and New York. My best friend and I exploring and eating and playing in New York. Does it get much better than that?
  • Seeing the best dude friend after going way too long without seeing the best dude friend.
  • The beginning of this week was spent with my family at a beautiful lake-house. My husband stayed for a night but left at 3:30 (am) to go to work. The night before we left, my dad, brother and I were sitting outside after everyone else had called it a night. Out of the blue my dad says, “I wish Robby was here. I like hanging out with him.”  How cute is that?!
  • Speaking of the hubby. He’s really great. The other night at the party we hosted, our friend Patrick announced (from what I remember in my tipsy state), “I mean….he loves you so much, it’s a little ridiculous. And I may or may not have a man-crush.”  I’m often blown away by how much he loves me too. How someone can live with me and yet still adore me as much as he does is rather amazing. Also, I’d have a man-crush on him if I was a man too.
  • Oh. Speaking of friend Patrick. This dude has gone above and beyond for me lately. In two of my recent photo-shoots, he’s driven and accompanied me to the studio. We half-joke that he’s my bodyguard, but even though I now trust this particular photographer, Pat’s still a sweet, fun friend to have around. After the first photo-shoot he took me to, he became adorably excited about my modeling, and decided I needed a haircut for future shoots. I didn’t disagree. My hair is usually a thick,annoying mess that takes hours to straighten and more often than not goes up in a bun. That day I had taken time to straighten my mane, but upon walking outside it instantly became a giant frizz-ball. Luckily, this came across as intentional in the photos. But Pat was there. He knew the truth about my hair. (Scary music goes here.) Though I agreed that I did need a cut, I did object when he proceeded to call an expensive salon and book me an appointment. But there was no talking him out of it and the next day we were at his salon and I was getting a haircut that was, no joke, about seven times the price of my usual haircuts. I’m equal parts amazed that a friend would spend this much on my hair and that a haircut could cost so much in the first place.
  • So here I am with, no thanks to myself, delicious homemade cupcakes and an easier to manage, slightly less frizzy hairstyle. Like I said, I feel like the luckiest, most loved girl on the planet. I’m always amazed by and endlessly grateful for the swell folks in my life.

10 thoughts on “On (Really Amazing) Relationships

  1. Meg says:

    LOL what the hell he bought you a haircut? You find the most interesting people. But that is really sweet and it is sweet that he goes with youu =]

  2. HAHA! I look like a Hobbit next to you tall ladies!! 😛 And I’m pretty sure my less-than-smiley-look comes from the fact that I was totally chewing a cupcake at the time. Yummo. Lol.

    Cute blog post. 😉

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