Top 15 New York/Maryland Moments

I don’t really know how to compress my week in Maryland/New York with the best friend into one blog. I usually struggle to thoroughly explain some of my favorite times. How to fit that many new moments, laughs and already cherished memories into one post? How to properly explain how much I adore my best friend, or the adventures we shared or the smiles we exchanged exploring and experiencing together? How to squeeze that much happiness into something legible? It’s one of those things where I feel as if all of my words, whether long and eloquent or short and concise, would be insufficient. There are just some moments that words refuse to do justice. But I’m going to blog about it anyway.

  1. Running an 8k in Maryland with Meggie. A beautiful, scenic route with a beautiful,wonderful best friend.

  2. Partying with Meg and company. Let me tell you a story about my embarrassing life now. This particular shindig was a surprise party for a friend of Meg’s. Her friend’s parents are lifelong friends with her other friend’s parents, so they were upstairs whilst we were drinking in the basement. Once I was rather intoxicated, I decided to call my husband. (Is this ever a good idea?) The only place I could get service was on the steps to the basement. I was having a mushy conversation with my dude, who was sober but humoring me. After he told me that I was the best thing to ever happen to him (See? A+ for humoring drunken Christina), I was being even more annoyingly lovey when the basement door clicked shut. The parents must have heard my sickeningly sweet conversation. I instantly felt like I was in middle-school & had been caught by the grown-ups.ย  They probably wondered who allowed the twelve-year old girl with her first case of puppy love into the basement.
  3. Walking and coffee drinking and hat-browsing through downtown Ellicott City. Amongst my favorite of towns because of it’s authentic quaintness. There’s one store with an odd assortment of knick-knacks (such as faeries and rocks) and narrow staircases, that I swear stays exactly the same year after year. I feel like it’s frozen in time, just for me.
  4. Trying on watermelon shoes in New York City
  5. Visiting the World Trade Center. The security and lines there were even more intense than those at airports. But it was worth it.
  6. Finding one of the Kardashian’s Dash stores and proceeding to browse through clothes that we could never afford. No Kardashian was spotted on the premises.
  7. Pasta in Little Italy. $1.25 fried dumplings in China Town.
  8. Staying with Meg’s uncles in New York. I told her that I just felt like we were getting the real NYC experience. Upon arriving, we made our way to Uncle Bill’s editor office, where an itinerary of things to do awaited us. We took the subway and explored for a while until we met Uncle Bill and a few coworkers for champagne at a local bar. Later that night we went to a birthday party, located in the porch-like ‘backyard’ of her uncles’ apartment complex. We socialized with their friends and a grab-bag was presented. This particular grab-bag was full of the neighbor’s dead aunt’s things. I was in the bathroom at the time of this event, but Meg pulled out some clip-on earrings and offered to share them with me. We were later treated to a fancy Italian dinner, where I ate shrimp parmigiana and drank white wine and the waiters were funny and adorable. (Waiter got extra points for telling me that Austin was the only other city he would consider living) Afterward, we walked home from the restaurant and ran into a friend of Meggie’s uncles. We chatted with him about the politics of New York apartment-living for a bit, and then made our way through a park and back to our home for the night. I slept in a cozy SoHo apartment instead of a hotel and woke up the next morning to hot coffee and friendly chatter. I’ve been to NYC once before, but staying with Meg’s uncles gave me a whole new appreciation for this city, and for our generous, hilarious, amazing hosts.
  9. Sightseeing and shopping and people-watching all over NYC. There are so many sights to see and shops to shop and people to watch in New York!
  10. Did I mention yet that I was in New York with my bestest friend in the whole world? That was definitely a plus.
  11. My flight being delayed due to bad weather in Atlanta (my layover destination.) This would have caused a missed connection to Austin and I ended up having to stay another night. This was a little frustrating at first (mostly because my luggage went to Austin without me) but ended up being a blessing in disguise. Meg quickly picked me up, we drank our wine (that we got in New York at a majorly discounted liquor warehouse) and her brother gave us a private concert with his acoustic guitar. Lots of giggling and karaoke singing ensued and I found myself overwhelmingly grateful for Atlanta’s bad weather. (Sorry, Atlanta.)
  12. So many cute cafes! I love cute cafes. One cafe in New York presented an especially interesting experience. Meg and I were sitting at a booth when a man came in, told us we were “f***ing gorgeous” and that he was gay, and sat down next to us. It wasn’t hard to tell he was drunk and high (Mostly because he kept saying, “I’m so f***ing drunk/high.”,but also because he pulled out a fifth of vodka from his pocket.) He then proceeded to tell us about his mom, who kept hanging up on him (I can’t imagine why?), kissing poor Meg’s cheek (Lucky for me, she was the one positioned closest to the door, and thus also this lovely man),ย and occasionally pointing at and cursing the floor out. Finally, Meggie felt uncomfortable enough to get up and find our waiter. I don’t do well in these types of situations, so I simply sat there with a nervous smile plastered on my face. While Meg was gone, he asked, “Are you mad at me?!” I told him no. I think around this time he started cussing at the floor some more. Moments later, our waiter gave him complimentary cranberry juice and asked him to leave. He stood, looking angry, and Meg and I froze in fear as we wondered what would happen next. Our new friend then asked the waiter for a hug. The waiter responded by backing away and exclaiming, “N-n-n-no, don’t touch me!”ย  Dude momentarily paused, then proceeded to give the waiter a friendly and gentle punch to the stomach, and left with his cranberry juice in tow. Good times, y’all.
  13. Spending time with Meg. And her amazing family, who is also my second family. And being at her house (aka parent’s house where she occasionally stays on breaks from her school in Pennsylvania.), which has been my second home for five years now. And loving on her animals. I’m allergic to cats but I’ve known Meg’s cat since she was a kitty in Texas. I love Mia so much that I don’t even care how scratchy and sneezy she makes me. I feel like that’s true love.
  14. Meg’s mom’s meals. (Say that 10 times fast.) You have not had shrimp scampi until you’ve tried Mrs. Tucker’s shrimp scampi.
  15. I made a little video of my trip in an effort to better capture how amazing it was. I think what I mostly captured is how strange Meg and I are when together. But I love that too.

Meg and I have been best friends for over eleven years now. She was my other half long before boys really mattered. I clearly remember walking around our old neighborhood with her, talking about nothing and everything, laughing hysterically and probably freaking the neighbors out. Not that much has changed. We were both brokenhearted when she moved eight years ago, but within seconds of seeing the other, we’re instantly nine and twelve again. Except now we get to walk around Maryland and New York whilst talking about nothing and everything, laughing hysterically and most likely freaking strangers out.

22 thoughts on “Top 15 New York/Maryland Moments

    • haha! i don’t think her uncles’ kitchen/bathroom were freakishly small, but I could definitely imagine. New York is really good at making things smaller….As opposed to Texas, where everything is just bigger. I like the variety. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • My friend’s kitchen only had 2 walls (opened on to the hallway and living room) and was smaller than my bathroom. The bathroom had 3′ bathtub. I never did figure out how that was practical.

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  1. Meg says:

    LOL I laughed very hard at this blog. Especially the video. You can tell when i was feeling awkward for taking a video in public (in the Italian restaurant and at the cafe) and you were still shameless =P (a good thing). I also like how you put in the awkward moment when our waiter thought we were talking to the lamp hahaha
    I am really glad your flight got delayed! =] You got to drink your wine which is good because you deserved it and I didn’t like it so it would have been bought in vain.

    I also died at the part about Mia because she looks like she hates you (she look like that in every picture don’t worry) and you wrote so seriously about your love for her. hahaa

    I love my Uncles they’re the best! (shout out!)

    I love you and I can’t wait til next year!!!

      • Hahahaha Mia does look like she loathes me, and now I can’t stop giggling about that ๐Ÿ˜› And about our waiter who thought we were in conversation with a lamp….haha so many hilarious times last week.

  2. Chris says:

    ” but within seconds of seeing the other, weโ€™re instantly nine and twelve again.” Ahhh yes, I can vouch to the veracity of that statement. ZOMG you two regressed about ten years ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL. Was good to see you again though Tina โค

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