Notes on Modeling

So this modeling stuff is still helping to keep me busy, inspired and awestruck.

My last photo-shoot was with the established, “Austin IMageMaker.” I had a blast shooting with him in downtown Austin, and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received after being showcased on his portfolio. He later sent me a short but sweet message saying,

“None of your images required PS (Photoshop) and I was very impressed by your camera presence and all the attention you received on my (portfolio).”

It’s still really surreal to receive messages from all of these gifted people who want to shoot with me. I’m actually meeting up tomorrow to collaborate with an insanely talented, local photographer, and this gives me lots of happy butterflies. I’ve recently been offered my first two paying gigs as well. During our shoot, Chuck (Austin IMagemaker) asked if I’d be interested in doing a fine-arts shoot in a museum. The museum would be rented out for the day and, though nudity would be involved, none of the photos would show any questionable areas. The second offer was from a professor at UT whose students do life-drawings as opposed to photographs. This too involved nudity. If you know me, you know I love being naked, and as both would be done tastefully (without any of my bits actually photographed) and in the name of art, I was happy to oblige. But my hubby,who is probably the least controlling guy I know, was understandably uncomfortable with the idea. There are times in the past that I’ve completely ignored his discomfort; I guess maybe I’m growing up or something, because I turned both offers down. Besides, it was being offered that was the cool part. Turning them down felt kind of neat too.

A lot of unexpected good things are happening due to something I started purely for fun. I’m networking and meeting a lot of awesome folks. I can feel myself becoming more comfortable and confident in front of the camera, no doubt due to the photographers who are getting me there. I’m growing from the experiences and glowing from the sweet words and offers received thus far. I can’t wait to see where else this is going to take me (with my clothes on).

Recent favorites:

(All photos credit Austin IMagemaker, except for the last which is photo credit Andrew Stevens)

18 thoughts on “Notes on Modeling

  1. Definitely the second last in the door frame. And I am more then happy to hear that there are still photographers out there who actually stay way from Photoshop if it isn’t actually needed.

  2. Awesommmmme! Love the first one. And the third… I feel like that one would be a kickass closeup. Your expression is intense.
    #4 is cool too. It reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on… Like a tv show or something.
    Anyway, this modelling thing is cool. You’re doing a great job. And good for you, getting those offers, and not feeling obligated to accept.

  3. I really admire what you’ve been doing with the modelling and can I just say you look absolutely amazing! I bet it’s a really interesting thing to do and it sounds like you’ve had some fantastic opportunities 🙂

    I can completely understand Robby didn’t feel comfortable with you doing nude stuff, I’m not sure that Tom would feel that happy with me doing that kind of thing either!

    My favourite photo is the first one, I think it really captures both your beauty and your personality 🙂 Having said that they’re all great, you look so comfortable and professional in front of the camera!

  4. Tessa says:

    You’re radiant! Happy people tend to glow and you definitely do.
    That nude job would be such an adrenaline rush. I’d do it if I were to ever be asked to (stop your laughing now. It could happen!).

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