Smiling Because…

I’m smiling today because…

  • Husband and I are planning our three-year anniversary and vacation/road-trip for October. Vacation! Road-trip! Three years of marriage! This makes me feel really excited and also like time should really consider slowing itself down.
  • I love having little siblings and seeing the way that they understand the world. My six-year old brother was looking at my engagement and wedding rings the other day and asked, “Why do you have two of them?” Before I could answer he thought he had figured it out himself and announced, “Oooh. Is one from your ex-boyfriend?” Maybe he’s onto something there. Break-ups could potentially suck a lot less if ex-boyfriends left you with a shiny diamond ring.

  • I’ve recently found a new favorite brunch at Gloria’s Austin. Delicious Mexican style breakfast food with dollar mimosas that are as big as my face. Let me repeat. DOLLAR MIMOSAS AS BIG AS MY FACE!  Husband and I tried it out two weekends ago, and yesterday a group of friends and friends of friends met up there. Three perfect hours were spent giggling and catching up, meeting cool new people,and making great conversation. We ate, drank and were all very merry.
  • See the hot cable guy pictured above? That’s my husband. He was working in the area when I went on my run today. I couldn’t help but wonder what passing cars thought as I was getting all flirty with the AT&T man.
  • Did I mention yet that it’s incredibly sexy being married to a dude who’s so good with his hands? But I’ll stay G-rated on this topic and show you the bookshelves he made for me while I was on vacation two weeks back. I might have a book buying obsession and have already filled up one bookshelf completely with books. After this, books began piling up on the floor and under dressers. I was really thankful for this sweet surprise. The fact that I could fit all of my books somewhere made me want to go buy more. I told Robby this and he smiled and exclaimed, “That’s not what I made those for!!!!”  I went and bought more anyway.
  • I start school on Wednesday. I’m taking 17 hours and will still be working and keeping up with extracurriculars and being a wife and stuff. I might be a little insane. Still, I’m getting really giddy. I love the feeling of learning and being in a classroom and buying coffee from the cafe on breaks. I love the amazing friends and professors I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. I should be graduating in less than a year from Concordia, and I’m excited to soak in all the college life I possibly can before graduation.

  • Speaking of people I’ve met in college. Above are two of my favorites. I met Hannah and Rachel whilst rehearsing for a school play last semester; Their friendships and our girl’s nights have very quickly become indispensable to me. They’ve already proven to be genuine, caring, fun, funny and intelligent ladies and I feel pretty lucky to have found them. This past Friday night consisted of margaritas, lots of laughter and chatter, the sticking of feet into a lovely apartment pool and tipsy video-making. Below you can see the outcome of tipsy video-making. I am referred to as the “White Oprah” and Hannah sings a song that makes her think of me. I’m happy that our feelings of adoration are mutual.
  • This blog is just a long way of saying I’m really just smitten with life and all of those wonderful folks I’ve found in it.

13 thoughts on “Smiling Because…

  1. Hooray for planning your anniv trip!! We just got back from ours and it was wonderful. 🙂 You two are so adorable! I love that you got to take some time to flirt with him while he was working. And hey, those bookshelves look great!

  2. I love LOVE bulletpoint number two! I hope you have an amazing trip and a really wonderful anniversary 🙂 I have almost filled two book cases too, it’s an obsession. Just imagine if I had the books on my Kindle as physical books too 😛 The start of school sounds really exciting for you! I start at the uni I’m transferring to in just less than a month and I’m both nervous and exciting! Thanks for the positive little lift you give me 🙂

  3. Wow, sounds like you’ve been busy! Have a lovely time on your anniversary trip, I bet it’ll be great! And Gloria’s Austen looks amazing, I love Mexican food! Take a pic next time you go! Cute pic of the hubby too 🙂

  4. Fun post! Loved reading it.
    LOVE those bookshelves. You ARE lucky. I plan to became handy soon. 🙂
    Cute pic of hubby working. So funny, your comment about what passersby probably thought. Hahaha.
    Children CRACK ME UP. Their ideas are the best! And funniest.
    Have fun soaking up the rest of summer, and planning your vacation. Babe and I are wedding planning, and having funnn. Wanna come? It’ll be in Nova Scotia, Canada!

    • Thanks girl! I know. Working with/ having little kid siblings always make me see things through a fresh,younger pair of eyes. And I love that!
      And uh, yes. I would love to come to your wedding. Had no idea you were planning! SOO excittingggg

  5. Tessa says:

    I’m so glad he made bookshelves for you! That’s like the best gift ever for you. lol I tried doing that and they fell right off the wall. Bah!

    • Well y dear your described this very well! It took me a lggong time to feel comfortable running several years and a lot of practice! And now that my iron levels are very low, well it feels awful again Plus i have not been running nearly as much as I used to so I am a bit out of running shape! I am back to the beginning (to an extent at least) so I do understand these physical feelings. It will get easier though, I am telling you!

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