R&R at a B&B

Over the summer, I was published in a couple of local newspapers. In the published article, I mentioned my attending Concordia. This got back to the Communication Director at my university and sparked her interest. She emailed me asking me to write for the magazine (Um, yes!) and a couple of weeks back I was contacted by somebody in External Relations. They’re now considering writing an article about me! Exciting. I decided to email the Comm Director and let her know I was thankful for these opportunities. I would just like to show y’all the first part of the two emails I sent her. It kind of shows how exhausted I am lately.

First part of email one: Hi there! I had an interview with Jill yesterday and I’m articled that y’all are considering writing an article about me!

First part of email two: Oops! Not articled! Ha. I meant “I’m honored.”

Oh, Christina. Sigh. Luckily, a little bit of relaxation is in my near future. This weekend husband and I are going out of town to visit his parents on their beautiful, peaceful land. I envision myself waking up at 9 am,sipping on coffee and reading a good book.  A month after this, Robby and I celebrate three years of marriage by going on a road-trip to Oklahoma. (My third new state of the year= Fulfilled new year’s resolution!) Last year for our second anniversary, we made our way to Little Rock, Arkansas and stayed at a wonderful bed-and-breakfast. I have so many cherished memories from both our time there and our drives back and forth, that I’m hoping to make a tradition of it. I’ve made reservations to the gorgeous Dancing Deer Lodge B&B in Stillwater, OK. Below are some awards that won me over:


      2011 Top 5 Readers Choice B&B  Awards-The Oklahoman

          Perfect 100% Inspection-Oklahoma B&B Association 2011 

Featured in KFOR T.V. News Show “Is This A Great State or What?” 2/2011

Voted #l Most Unique B&B in U.S.- Top 15 Most Private B&B, and
Best B&B for Rest and Relaxation  by  Inn Traveler Magazine

Our room:

Reading the descriptions sounds like paradise right about now. Our own fireplace, stocked mini-fridge, and covered porch. A swimming pool and hydrotherapy spa and nature trails. A few miles from wineries, museums and downtown Stillwater. A “sumptuous breakfast basket” delivered to our room at our requested time.

As eventful and exciting as life is right now, it’ll still be nice to have a little break. I get a little giddy every time I think about this vacation, and reminiscing on all of the magical moments from last year’s road-trip. The owners even sent me a cute little email, saying they were looking forward to our visit. I’m articled, really.

11 thoughts on “R&R at a B&B

  1. If only I’d known you last year! Little Rock is only a couple of hours away from us (we’re in west TN)! Not that you would’ve necessarily wanted to hang out with other people while enjoying your anniversary trip, but still! Haha! I hope this B&B is amazing! It sounds really great. 🙂

  2. Vacations are lovely things. Personally, I’m partially looking forward to my surgery recovery because it will be my staycation. And I have 2 staycation days next week (only in the office on Tu/We). I’d love to go away but it’s just too expensive, and too difficult to manage care of my herd of cats.

  3. Haha that did make me giggle! I’ve been sending so many emails lately and this is my fear 😛

    That place just looks fantastic, I would love to stay somewhere like that 🙂 Quite envious of the pool and the breakfast basket!

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