A Very Lovely Weekend

I had a rejuvenating, lovely Labor Day weekend.

After a long day of rushing from work to school and back to work again, Friday night was spent with Miss Hannah. We had long talks, drank expensive wine we went halfsies on and expressed our platonic love for one another. Obviously, it was a girl’s night. I’ve come to really look forward to and treasure the girl’s nights at Hannah and Rachel’s. (who was, sadly, out-of-town all weekend this time.) In the half-year that I’ve known these girls, they’ve quickly become two of my favorite people. I get really giddy just seeing them in passing. It’s nice to know the feelings are reciprocated. Rachel and I saw each-other for a brief moment in between classes last week; Unbeknownst to me, she wasn’t having the best of days. She told Hannah that just seeing me had made her whole day better. Aw. A world without girl-loves would be a sad world indeed.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the husband and in-laws. I’m to the point now where I’m very comfortable with my mom and dad in-law. This also means I drive my father-in-law absolutely insane. We have very similar temperaments but very different belief-systems, which is an interesting mix. We end up in at least one heated political debate every time we see the other. Husband had to break us up this last time. On top of that, we also had an argument about a, um, neighborhood dog. In-law’s house is on acres of land, and all the nearby houses also own land. Saturday night, a cute little Jack Russell mix arrives at the fence (right by the road) and wants to play with our dogs. He eventually sneaks into the in-law’s fenced area. Dad-in-law and husband drive him back to where they think he lives. This is not his home, but they drop him off nearby, convinced he knows the way to his actual place of residency. The dog beats them back to the in-law’s house. They won’t let him back into the fenced area, convinced he just wants to hump/play with the dogs. It’s dark outside. I feel bad for the puppy, and am now not sure he actually knows the way home. He could get run over! (My moderate-leaning-slightly-liberal self is also still maybe a bit annoyed by the previous mentioned debate with arguably the most conservative man on the planet. And this is saying a lot, if you know my brother and dad.) So like any annoyingly stubborn daughter-in-law would do, I went outside the fence, sat with the dog and refused to come inside until my new dog-friend could sleep inside the fenced area. Eventually Mr. Boudreaux, looking as though he might murder me at any moment, gave in. The next morning they put the dog back outside the fence and he scurried off. The owner of the dog drove by later, doggy in tow, to say thanks for letting him stay the night. (Word travels fast in small Texas towns.) So he did know the way back. Oops?

My husband and mother-in-law, who share the same mild-mannered temperaments, mostly stood calmly by the whole weekend with mixed expressions of both amusement and….well no, just amusement really, on their faces.

More pictures:

I feel lucky. To be spoiled with good food and serene settings throughout the weekend. To have friends that I adore and that adore me back. To have a husband who, like a good wine, continues to get better and better with age. To have a mom-in-law I can have long conversations with and a dad-in-law I can have long arguments with. To be living in moments I can already see turning into favorite memories. I want time to stop for a few minutes. Just a few minutes. Pretty please, universe?

12 thoughts on “A Very Lovely Weekend

  1. Awww! Awesome! Glad you had a great weekend!
    That story about you sitting outside with the dog is HILARIOUS. I was dying. Hahaha.
    That’s cool that you get to have that kind of relationship with your in-laws.

  2. You sound really lucky 🙂 I know I often say this but I love reading your posts Christina because you always lift my mood! I’m glad you had such a lovely weekend, your Friday night sounds great – girl friends are the best! And it’s great that you get on so well with your in-laws, I really got on with Tom’s mum, we sometimes meet for coffee in town together when Tom isn’t around 🙂 Hope you have another fantastic weekend!

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