On-Campus,On-Camera Afterthoughts

My university offered me a neat, new experience yesterday. I had my first on-camera interview!

I excitedly and only a little nervously took part in an ad being made in order to promote Concordia. I rambled a lot, because rambling is what I do best. Still, I can’t wait to see the finished product (who knows, maybe you’ll see it too!) and was more than happy to help my university out in whatever way I could. I think my written words can probably explain my feelings about Concordia even better than my hyper, Christina-fied future film debut might.

I guess you could say that I’ve gone about my life a little backwards thus far. I didn’t go straight to college after high-school, but instead took a semester off to work two jobs and to save money. Eventually I made my way to a local community college and took only two classes at a time, whilst still working two jobs. From there, I moved in with my future husband, was working two jobs and was still a part-time student. Shortly after came wedding-planning and house-hunting. By the time I decided I really wanted my bachelor’s degree, I was already married and owned a house. (and two dogs!) I had been working for over five years and had found an independence in making my own money. I had an amazing support system and a decent idea of my goals and aspirations. I already felt established and firmly rooted in those ways. So I wouldn’t say that I came to Concordia with the expectations that most have coming straight out of high-school. I wasn’t looking to forge new friendships (though this is something I can never purposely avoid), or to party (I already did plenty of that), or to create a buzzing social life (already had that too) or to learn about the real world. (I had, in the years prior, already received a healthy and sometimes unwanted dose of that knowledge.) I was attending this university with one thing in mind–obtaining my bachelor’s degree. It didn’t hurt that the campus was gorgeous.

What I ended up finding was so much more than just an education. I found a confidence in myself and in my abilities that I had never known before. I found that an on-campus radio show makes for lots of laughs and that being cast in a school play makes for hundreds of cherished memories. I found unforgettable experiences and an unquenchable desire to learn. I found professors who truly care and who want to see me succeed, not only in their class but also in life. I found fellow students who made me think and grow and inspired me to be more than I was before. I’ve even found a few friendships that I hope will last me a lifetime. But more than anything, what I’ve found at Concordia is a family.

I could tell about a million, but there is one story that sticks out to me the most. Last semester was one of the busiest times of my life. I was working, taking 15 hours, and rehearsing for a school play. I more or less lived on campus. Except I didn’t live on campus, so I was running back and forth from work to school to home to rehearsals nonstop. Think a chicken without a head. That was me! One day on my way to class, I decided I would park in the faculty area. I would only be on campus for an hour before I left and came back again later for night rehearsals. I figured no one would catch me in such a short amount of time. Well. Being me, whilst parking I inched forward too far and somehow ended up in a patchy, hilly area of grass. My back tires ended up in the air. Really. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but such is the norm for my life. Needless to say, my car was rather stuck. With my tail between my legs, I found the chief-of-police and explained my situation. He walked out to my car with me and told me I’d probably have to call a tow truck. I was freaking out. That costs money! I had little money at the time. Police chief called over some maintenance guys and they reiterated the same thing to me. So I did the only mature, grown-up thing there is to do in a situation like this. I called my husband and started bawling. We were considering our options when the men (watching me sniffle like a five-year old) decided to take the situation into their own hands, despite possible liability issues. Before I knew it, someone had tracked down a student with a truck and somewhat proper towing equipment. So here I am, watching the chief-of-police, the maintenance men and a random student standing around, pondering how to help this dismayed, rule-breaking girl. (That’s me!) Even in my pitiful state, I was a little amused. Minutes later, my car is hooked up to the random student’s truck, pulled and quickly unstuck—free of charge and with only a little of my dignity lost. I should have been given a ticket for parking in the faculty area and I should have had to pay a hundred bucks for my horrible parking abilities. Instead, a whole group of people teamed up to help fix my mistake. I remember thinking to myself, “This is not normal. This would not happen at most universities.”

I’ve learned this about life too. Sometimes really great, out-of-the-ordinary things will happen. Sometimes people surprise you in the best way possible. Sometimes the best experiences are ones that were never even expected. Sometimes your family becomes more than just the one you were born into. Concordia is one of those non-blood related families. If there was one thing I attempted to stress in my first on-camera interview, that was it. In hindsight, maybe I should have also warned future students about the dangers of parking near that hilly patch of grass in the faculty lot.

10 thoughts on “On-Campus,On-Camera Afterthoughts

  1. Ahhhh! You make me miss St. Mary’s so much! Gaaaaah! I LOVED university. Mine was really family-like too. Dang it, Christina! I wanna go baaaaack!
    I’m glad you’re totally loving your university experience. There is really nothing else like it. Soak it all up.
    Cool that you did the on-camera thing. I did a photoshoot for my uni, and ended up on the MuchMusic website banner, bus stop shelter, local newspapers, the uni website, and brochures mailed to prospective students. It was pretty cool! One thing was weird… Some of the ads only had from my nose down (the focus was on the words on a shirt), and people STILL knew it was me. I guess I have a really distinctive nose and mouth? Lol.

    • haha awww! i think i’ll sometimes feel the same way once i leave concordia. and that’s so awesome! (and good to have a distinctive nose mouth hehe) this ad thingy is supposed to be pretty well circulated too….i have no patience, wanna see it nooowww! lol.

  2. What an amazing story! My university was full of aholes when it came to parking haha. I definitely would have been told to call a tow truck and would’ve been handed a ticket! Once I left my car in a lot overnight and went to move my car at 7:30am – it became illegal to park there at 7am. And I already had a ticket! For 30 minutes of illegal parking! That’s over $1/minute to park there!
    But all’s well that ends well – the reason I parked there was because I’d gotten back from the airport the night before at 2am and there were no buses running to take me & my suitcase back to my dorm, so I just parked in the staff lot by my dorm. I wrote an appeal saying this and added my go-to line about how I felt unsafe walking back by myself. Bingo! They pretty much had to let me off and they repealed the ticket. I’m not saying that women are weaklings who need to be walked around at night, but if it gets me out of paying $35, I will pretend to be a damsel.

  3. Aww, I love that you love your school so much! I loved my uni so much! I even worked for their admissions office for 4 years so I obviously really loved it since I was helping recruit new students, haha! And that’s a great story about your car – glad it didn’t even cost you anything to have it moved! Nice! 🙂

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