Happy Notes

It’s Friday! What better day than today for some happy notes?

  • I went on my first party barge last weekend. Ten dollars to party on the barge AND to get a shirt that says, “I’m on a boat.” Obviously I had to have that shirt, but the barge was pretty amazing as well. I even managed to get on another random party barge and go down their slide. Twice. Memories were made and fun times were had. Good job, Concordia University. Good job.
  • I’m going road-tripping with hubby to Oklahoma in a little over two weeks! A new state and places to explore, a cozy bed-and-breakfast and quality time spent with my favorite dude. The excitement is building.
  • I started an on-campus radio show with a good friend today. This is my third semester of radio-show hosting, and every-time has proven to be an awesome experience. But usually the first day….or month… is understandably awkward as co-hosts and I try to work out kinks and get into the flow of things. I couldn’t believe how naturally things went with Pat. No awkward silences. No weird giggles. We’re both extroverted blabber-mouths, so I suppose this makes sense. I think we might have even been funny?! We just really clicked as co-hosts. What I’m saying is that Patrick is officially my radio soul-mate.
  • You guys have seriously been melting my heart lately. Just some of the examples:

Friend Katie texting me: “You look amazing and I am so proud of you, you are an inspiration in so many ways.”

Best friend Tessa posting a song on my Facebook wall (Falling in love at a coffee shop-Landon Pigg) that she remembered I liked from years and years ago. She said every time she hears the song, it reminds her of me. How romantic is that?!

One of my favorite bloggers (lovelylici986) reblogging my recent fitness post with this adorable comment attached: “Read this. Great pointers on getting fit and being healthy. AND happy. Christina is always right. :)”

On my recent video blog, from Rachel:Oh. My. Goodness. You are just the cutest. Seriously. I loved your vlog! I knew I loved you already, but seeing/hearing you talk was just the best.”

And from Sophie:Aw I loved watching your vlog.You’re just as bright and perky in life as you are in writing! I wish I could come meet you, I have a feeling we’d get along super well” (Me too!)

Comment from Caitlin: “I can’t explain it but you just ooze confidence, happiness, freedom to me. You really inspire me to live life to the fullest!”

Awwww. Shucks, you guys. I love y’all. Really, I do.

  • So a photographer that I’ve worked with recently posted a picture of me on his portfolio and I inwardly cringed a little. I think I look like a drugged chick with a lazy eye. Here’s the culprit:
  • Imagine my surprise when the feedback from other photographers was overwhelmingly positive. Some examples:
  • Photographer knows best I guess?!? I still think I look like a drugged chick with a lazy eye.

13 thoughts on “Happy Notes

  1. Awwwww so glad to know that my comment brought you a little sunshine! 😀 I totally just bounced up and down on the couch just now, squealing while I said “look! look! My friend talked about me on her blog” and showed Christopher this post, haha! Aaanyway, so glad the co-hosting is so natural and going well! That’s great! 🙂

  2. I really like that photo! Sometimes we’re too critical of ourselves, you look fierce and still pretty! I also went on my first boat party on holiday this month and it was amazing 🙂

  3. I loveee your party shirt!! That sounds like a blast! I also with I was around your town so I could rock out to your radio show! That is SO awesome!! I love your freckles..I have a ton too..and surprisingly a lot of people love girls with freckles! You’re the hottest druggie I’ve ever seen. (total joke, I don’t think you look like a druggie..you look GrrRrrReat!)

      • The photo was taken by an Indian Tu-142M off Dondra Point south of Sri Lanka. I have several phoots of similar ferry voyages of the four PLA Navy Type 956E destroyers and the eight Type 636 Kilos that were delivered between 2000 and 2006 and were photographed while transiting the Malacca Straits by RAAF and RNZAF P-3C Orions that are deployed in Butterworth off Penang as part of the Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore Military Intelligence (ANZMIS) alliance.

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