Crazy-Busy-Sneaky-Life Thing

Dear friends,

Life is busy and flying by. School is hectic, which I was at least somewhat prepared for after signing up for seventeen hours this semester. I’m graduating in ten months. I’m currently preparing for a huge class presentation on Friday in which I teach the class. Sunday I leave with hubby for a much needed vacation/road-trip. Wednesday is our three year wedding anniversary. I’ll remember this for about five seconds every so often, think “Holy crap! Three years!” only to get busy and promptly forget again moments later. Then I’ll remember once more and the process repeats itself. My mind is crowded and time is sneaky. I swear I just got married yesterday.

Stuff happening in this crazy-busy-sneaky-life thing lately:

  • Date night with my boy.

  • Coming from a girl who barely wears cosmetic products, having a make-up artist for a photo-shoot is all kinds of exciting.

  • Girl’s nights are always so refreshing. I adore the ladies in my life.

  • I also adore little black dresses.
  • Sometimes my cooking is not only edible, but also quite yummy. Tonight was one of those nights. Chicken carbonara with baked avocado fries.
  • I showed all of the professional pictures of my mud-run in my last blog. Here’s my favorite non-professional one:

My husband goes on these kicks where he is absolutely obsessed with something for a few months. These kicks used to consist of a certain video game or television show. He’s getting more original, as right now he is obsessed with fish. Yes. Fish. I find his new hobby annoyingly endearing. Within the past month, we have acquired two aquariums and more than twenty fishies. Last weekend, we went fish shopping. Here’s what that looked like:

  • My rather belated second video blog as a Sweat Pink Ambassador can be found below. I was hoping for consistency but am going to have to settle for completion as of right now.

Love, Christina

16 thoughts on “Crazy-Busy-Sneaky-Life Thing

  1. I love your vlogs Christina! I hope you have a really fantastic time away for your anniversary πŸ™‚ Those chicken carbonara and avocado fries look absolutely delicious! And you look utterly fabulous in your little black dress πŸ™‚

  2. Meg says:

    did robby get a haircut? Il ike his little side burns!

    YAYYY happy 3 year TOMORROW! have fun in oklahoma (that’s why you’re going right?)

      • I find this piece very compelling. It’s trluaganir shape works for me formally, calling to mind the trinity represented in the church, yet the shape of the leaf is paganistic, like the Birth of Venus. It makes me very melancholy and nostalgic, as if it’s reminding me of a time when religious idols and sexual attraction weren’t divorced (something we now are forced to find in pop-idols). I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the face in the window. But I do know that it’s necessary. It’s what upsets the gentleness of the image and keeps me enraptured. Nice.

  3. Okay so I hope you take this as a compliment because I think she is precious, but you really remind me of Erin from The Office in your vlogs. You are just so bubbly and smiley and I love it! The fish shopping thing cracked me up. My husband totally goes through phases with his hobbies too. His are normally a couple of years long though. Right now he is really into wood working which is WONDERFUL for me, haha!

    • I had to look her up because I don’t really watch that show lol but I do take that as a compliment! πŸ˜€ so thanks! hehe.
      oh, wood working is a great hobby for a husband to have! lol. robby made me bookshelves recently and i adore them…..maybe i should further encourage wood working after this fish hobby is finished πŸ˜‰

  4. Fish obsession! I’d be in heaven. I LOVE aquariums! I got one for my [insert year here] birthday. I was away in uni and told my dad that’s what I wanted, so he sent the money. It took a long time to get set up because you have to introduce new fish slowly and all that. I ended up with a really cool aquarium… Which I had to give up when I moved. Blaaah! I’m SO gonna have one again!

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