Oklahoma Road Trip 2012

There is something very magical about traveling. I’ve always felt this magic when exploring new places, but tend to feel like pixie dust has just been sprinkled when I’m traveling with my husband. It’s hard to perfectly explain, but my memories of our vacations thus far are encompassed in a glow of warm, fuzzy feelings. Simply put, we have fun together. He makes me laugh. He sees the world through the vision of a wide-eyed child’s, which inspires the same fascination in me. Besides being a great husband, he’s a really good friend. So it’s not a surprise that our road trip to Oklahoma followed suit. Sunday morning, we made our eight hour journey to Stillwater. We shared driving responsibilities, lots of chuckles, stories and an excitement for scenery (and once, an old school Taco Bell sign.) Sometimes we just shared the new sights in comfortable silence, and I’d find myself basking in the knowledge of intimacy without words. Upon arriving, we checked into the adorable and quaint bed-and-breakfast, Dancing Deer Lodge. The owners were friendly, the breakfast was amazing (and was delivered to our door each morning in a cute basket) and the atmosphere was charming. The lodge was nestled in a cozy, wooded area, with many perfect spots to enjoy reading, writing or sipping on a morning cup of coffee. The Native American theme paired with nooks and crannies that begged to be explored added a feeling of enchantment to our trip. Exploring the rest of the city of Stillwater held the same allure. Like I said, traveling with Robby is a lot like magic.

Picture/Caption time!

I sat in a really big chair at a breathtakingly beautiful botanical garden.

And hubby found a pirate ship.

We played in the biggest antique shop I’ve ever been in. Every-time I’d turn one corner and think it was the last one, I’d find another corner waiting to be delved into. Kind of like a maze. Or life.

As you can see, I almost got attacked by this ferocious bear.

From a distance, I had a hard time telling whether this dude was real or not.

$1.50 onion cheeseburgers, cheesy dogs and beers at the popular Coney Island.

A hot tub and matching robes was part of the B&B package. We took full advantage.

We did a little gambling at an Indian reservation.

After gambling, we came across $2 screwdrivers whilst partaking in Stillwater nightlife.

We really loved the robes.

I leave you with a picture of my breakfast parfait. I fed the top strawberry to Robby, and he made me laugh as he attempted to eat it sexily.

He’s the perfect dude to share new states, road-trips, magic-infused memories and strawberries with. (I think I have now used up my quota of sappy husband posts for the month.)

14 thoughts on “Oklahoma Road Trip 2012

  1. I’m seriously obsessed with you two. It’s not possible to be as adorable as you guys are. I am so happy you have found each other!! Your vacation looks amazing!

  2. This is such a lovely post, you two always make me smile and I’m so glad you have such a great guy in your life! It sounds like a really magical holiday 🙂 Love the matching robes especially!

  3. Awww! So sweet! Glad you had a great trip!
    I think I missed a few of your posts. I’ll be going back to see ’em!
    The beer looks extra large. And wait… $1.50 for burgers?! Say whaaat?

  4. Haha I thought the bfast parfait was a Sundae! Love the robes. Totally appropriate with the forest green at a cute B&B. You and your hubby are way cute together. Just so blissfully lost in each other’s love. I adore it 🙂

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