Jeez, Life is Pretty.

This has been an inspiring week for me.

It’s just one of those times where I am constantly aware of thinking, “Jeez, life is pretty.”

My husband and I decorated a pumpkin and then toasted the seeds the other night. It’s moments like that, you know?

Or thinking that it’s equal parts cute and terrifying how bad this same husband’s case of baby fever has been lately. (Believe you me, the only thing happening nine months from now is my graduation.)

Or taking the time to watch squirrels play between classes, and feeling incredibly grateful to have these nine months left on such a beautiful campus.

Or radio show shenanigans with two of my favorite people.

Or absolutely loving the 2.5 hour biology night class I was positive I was going to absolutely hate.

Or arriving to said class, verbally dreading receiving my first test grade, when professor asks, “Why don’t you want it back? You made the best grade in the class.” Really?! After the six point curve, a 95! Well, shit!

Or running outside in the (finally) chilly weather, with the new Taylor Swift album blasting through my headphones. (Confession: I might have called my husband in tears after first hearing her song, Begin Again. I know, I’m insane. But it reminds me so much of our first date! )

Or the piggy bank of sorts I’ve made for a cruise Robby and I plan to take in early 2013.The original plan was to go on a cruise this year, but I went kind of crazy visiting other states instead. This is okay with me. I counted the other day and I’ve been to SIX states this year, three of which were new to me. California, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, New York and Oklahoma! Whew. My dad recently made me smile when he proudly called me a “Globe-trotter.” I’m getting there!

Or the drawing of my husband and me that my seven-year old brother gifted me. He obviously thinks I’m the cooler one in the relationship, as I am levitating and Robby’s not.

It’s moments like those that make this life stuff so worthwhile, you know?

8 thoughts on “Jeez, Life is Pretty.

  1. Aww, love that your husband has baby fever. So cute! And I love that you love all the little joys in life. Makes me smile every time I read one of your posts like this. You and I are so alike in loving the little things in life. 🙂 Also, that shot of you at the beginning… you are beautiful and I love your top!

  2. I swear girl, you are one of the most positive people I have ever come across. I love your attitude and your pure love for LIFE! I’m so glad that things are going so very well for you. I appreciate the little things too. Keep enjoying ❤

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