Zombie Run 2012

This past Saturday, my brother and I took a mini road-trip to Smithville, Texas where I participated in my fourth run of the year. This particular run happened to be a run in which I ran from zombies. Zombies!!! The goal was to keep these eery looking dead-risen folks from stealing any of my three flags. Only one flag was stolen! This may or may not have something to do with my rather girlish, high-pitched shrieks and/or slaps as zombies neared me. It was a slightly creepy, really exciting, entirely awesome experience. I jumped through mud-pits, climbed up slippery boards with rope, hopped from one unstable, floaty device to the next in murky water and shivered through freezing cold, vagina-deep water. (I use this term because that is the body part that was the most aware and displeased with my decision to go through said freezing cold water.) I also met cool people, discovered an adorable Texas city, spent quality time with my sweet, hilarious little brother, took full advantage of an amazing anniversary present (Thanks, Husband!) AND managed to not get killed by zombies. I’d say that makes for a pretty successful Saturday.

More pictures:

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