Halloween 2012

I absolutely love Halloween, and this year’s was definitely no exception. Here’s how my night went:

At the last minute and at the last place I looked, I found an inexpensive (less than twenty dollars!) costume that I fell in love with. That is when I knew that for Halloween 2012, I would become a mermaid for the night.

My husband just went out as his (cough, boring,coughsexy, cool self:

I had fun with some of my lovely friends. You know, like a Ninja Turtle and a Vegas showgirl and Kiss:

I also met some pretty interesting characters, such as:

Dead Steve Erwin (I don’t know why I’m giving a thumbs up…..I am not happy that Steve is dead!):

Creepy zombie with creepy zombie baby (IT MOVED!):

Really freakin’ scary clown with pretend butt cheeks:

My friend Patrick even managed to advertise our on-campus radio show ON the winners of the costume contest aka Light Bulb and Socket:

Simply put, it was just a pretty perfect Halloween.

Before going out last night, I went for an evening jog. It was beginning to get dark and the weather was breezy and cool. Trick-or-treaters were just starting to appear and it was one of those nights where I could practically feel magic in the air. Somewhere in the midst of my run, I thought to myself, “This is the only Halloween I will ever be twenty-three. I can never get this back again.” Simple and obvious as this thought was, it was still a reminder to soak up and enjoy every moment that night. So I did.

26 thoughts on “Halloween 2012

  1. LOVE the winning costume! You looked great and it looks like a fun time was had by all.
    Halloween is SUPER competitive out here so I don’t bother. Besides, it’s fun to be the lady who gives out full size candy bars!

  2. You are adorable, and I love your last minute costume. I especially love the price tag!! Chaachinngg 20 dolla holla!! What a fun night, and I am in lovee with your evening jog thoughts. SO true!

  3. You’re the cutest mermaid ever! I knew you’d have a fun Halloween post. I love your silly faces. I’m a big fan of doing those myself! And the ending of this post is so nice. What a fun time to take an evening jog! I’d never have thought of that.

    • Hey Pete, that is such great news about getting the tube out .really pryaing for you here and wishing you all the best. Come back to Canada soon!! My love to you too Greg, you are being fantastic, it is hard being the caregiver and you are really stepping up like a big brother should!! All my love to both of you, and to your niece/daughter who I have only met years ago, but she is doing an amazing job on keeping everyone up to date.x0xx00 Cathy Plunkett.

  4. Meg says:

    Love your hair! and your costume of course. YOu do really pull off mermaid well. Except your bangs. Although they’re cute on you (obviously) a mermaid wouldn’t have bangs because she lives in the water and bangs in the ocean is just inconvenient. Stupid humans! =PP

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