Busy. Sleepy. Happy.

I am currently writing this blog in between classes, when I should either be eating a dinner (which lately has consisted of cereal/almonds/whatever else I can quickly stuff in my mouth. I miss meals.) or studying for biology. Or both. But I am having blogging withdrawals so I’m going to do that instead. I knew this semester would be pretty hectic. I’m working and taking seventeen hours and hosting an on-campus radio show and taking part in whatever else I can find time for. I love being busy, and so far everything has gone pretty smoothly. I work and go to school during the week, and have weekends off to socialize, or run races, or volunteer at the animal shelter, or do homework, or do whatever it is I feel like doing. It’s just this past week that it seems work and school are both in cahoots to completely exhaust me. I just finished a test, have a quiz in an hour and take another test tomorrow morning after I drop the twins I nanny off at daycare. Yesterday I was off work after eight pm and back there at seven this morning. I am sleepy, but I’m not complaining. Because I like the things that make me tired. Writing this blog has made me realize this even more, because despite the craziness, I’m reflecting on this week and it makes me happy. Charlie pouring me pretend tea and then informing me that it’s hot. Lizzie sharing her blanket with me as we watch a movie about Thomas the Tank Engine. The bond I’ve come to share with these two little,wonderful people. Signing up for classes next semester and the bittersweet feeling accompanied with knowing I’m so close to graduating. Running into close friends and exchanging quick chats and smiles on our way to classes. Sharing a class with two of my best friends. Walking to class and saying out loud, “Oh Concordia, I do loveΒ  you.” Β Because I really, really do. And these are the things that I know, months from now, I’m going to really, really miss. So this is me saying that I’m busy and exhausted and for the most part, I love it.Β  It also really motivates me to not fall asleep and drool in class when I read notes from professors like, “This is outstanding, Christina.” and “As always, well written.” OH! And my Persuasive Communication professor wrote, “Funny” on my paper twice. I’M FUNNY, GUYS! My professor said so. Twice.

Okay, bye. I’m going to go buy some almonds now.

17 thoughts on “Busy. Sleepy. Happy.

  1. I think it’s important that if we’re busy, we should like what were doing and I think you’ve totally found that sweet spot. Of course not all days are easy, like you said, but their is more good than bad and life is amazing πŸ™‚

  2. I feel like all of your posts are so celebratory! Even when you’re exhausted you find happiness in being so busy because it means you are doing so much of what you love. Enjoy those almonds – maybe put them in that cereal?!

  3. You ARE funny, only one the many reasons I laavee you and your blog!! I’m glad you made time to blog, yay for blog/me time! You busy girl, enjoy this time of life!

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