Life, Y’all.

It’s mid-November, guys. Almost the end of the year. I’ll be twenty-four in a little over four months. Huh?!? Time is not just flying by. It’s flying by on a jetpack or something. I’ve practically had to force myself now to sit down and type something not homework related. I really suck at relaxing, and I sometimes almost let school completely consume me. But then I don’t. Because there’s these other cool moments too.

A yoga class where my head ends up between my legs and a floor-length mirror that lets me fully enjoy the humor of this awkward pose. End of the year adventure planning with a close friend, which causes butterflies of anticipation. An eight dollar, poofy sleeved dress. Mimosas and giggly conversations with gal pals. Playing pool with my little brother (20), and teaching my littlest brother (7) how to do pilates. Cuddling with the husband. Exciting emails. Coffee-beer. Library books. Good grades. New volunteer opportunities. Signing up for my fifth race of the year. Life.

Life, y’all.

It goes by so fast, and I’m just trying to catch as much of it as I possibly can. Basically, I am living and I am alive and I am loving it.

18 thoughts on “Life, Y’all.

      • Do you REALLY think a single shot can make you stop sonkimg when you’ve tried everything else? The only way you will quit is through sheer will power. That means you have to really WANT to. Just stop and that is it. No going back, period. Suffer through the effects they only last a week or two then ease up and you really have to change your way of thinking and tell yourself you are now a non-smoker from hereon in forever more. Period. That’s the only way. It’s a conscious choice once the addictive substances leave your body. They are gone within 5-6 days you know the rest is your mind playing tricks on you, so you must get control of your mind and just say sorry, but this is how it’s going to be’. It does get better. I’m 8 years going strong and would never go back. I know if I took just one puff it would get me hooked again, so just like AA you quit and that is it. Never look back. Change your life, your lifestyle, your friends if you have to. I stopped hanging around with my sonkimg friends and I stopped going anywhere that people smoked. I just said no, I have to do this and can’t be around people who will tempt me. Now I am fine but I still hate being around smokers but for new reasons .because I know how stupid a habit it really is now and can’t believe I was hooked for as long as I was (25 years plus!). You can do it. Tell yourself your lungs will one day soon be pink and God help you, you do not want to get cancer. Look up some pictures of lungs with cancer and know what lies ahead for you.

  1. Ahh I know what you mean, this year is just flying past so quickly it’s scary! I’m glad you’re still able to enjoy yourself though 🙂 I’m about to get slap bang in the middle of four huge essays so I have a final push for the last 4 and a half weeks of uni till Christmas! Your look gorgeous in that dress Christina!

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